HexLox theft protection: Experience & usage recommendation

One of the best-known products for the theft protection of bicycle components such as saddles, wheels and the like is HexLox. We took a closer look at the security system and tested it thoroughly. Here you can find out how it works, which parts you can secure with it and how HexLox compares to competing products. We also look at the combination of HexLox and GPS anti-theft protection for e-bikes.

The most important facts about the HexLox system

  • The HexLox security system is primarily based on two parts: an inlay for Allen screws and a matching key. The company also offers safety axles and screws that can be used to replace quick-releases, for example.
  • A great strength of HexLox is its versatility. Whether saddles, pedals or wheels, the system is suitable for a wide range of bicycle components.

  • E-bike owners ensure maximum safety by combining HexLox with the GPS tracker BikeTrax from PowUnity. This protects the e-bike itself and valuable components from theft.

This is Hexlox – Overview

The basic HexLox system consists of a HexLox inlay (also called a “nut”) and a matching “key”. What makes this combination so ingenious is that no two keys are alike. Each key and the corresponding HexLox inlay are programmed with a code, so that the HexLox inlay cannot be removed with a random magnet or key. Your inlay can only be removed with your very own key. No chance with standard tools!

The HexLox system provides almost invisible all-round theft protection for your bike or e-bike parts.

Whether it’s a seat clamp, the pedals, the rear wheel, the front wheel or a saddle theft protection, the stainless steel HexLox inlay blocks the way for Allen keys on all of these bicycle components, thereby reliably preventing the theft of your high-quality, sought-after bike accessories. The HexLox system can easily be integrated into the mounting elements already installed on the bike, providing almost invisible all-round protection for your bicycle or e-bike.

E-Bike- und Fahrrad-Diebstahlschutz durch Hexlox

This is how the theft protection for bike parts works

The HexLox system secures all bicycle components that are attached to the bike with an Allen screw. A special screw attachment closes the opening in the socket head of the screw, so that it is no longer possible to insert the corresponding Allen key. Only the small, coded HexLox key, which is unique, can remove the attachment from the hexagon socket in a flash. Here is a four-step summary of how it works.

Step 1

Always keep the key and the HexLox inlay together if you have not yet installed the inlay. This way, you can be sure that you will not lose the small object. The key is the size of a coin and can easily fit on a key ring, for example.

Step 2

Before installation, make sure that both the key and the inlay are free of any dirt. Dirt can interfere with problem-free insertion and removal. For this very reason, the HexLox sets also come with small white or black sheets. These are sealing caps for the inlay, to protect them from contamination.

Step 3

You can install the HexLox inlay in a flash, in just 3 seconds. First, make sure that the key is fully inserted into the inlay. Now insert the inlay into the hole of the Allen screw and turn the key, a quarter of a turn clockwise. The key is already programmed with its own unique code.

Step 4

Removing the insert is just as quick. Insert the key completely into the HexLox inlay, wait for one to two seconds and then pull it straight out. Avoid any jerky movements. You can tell that the key is ready to be pulled out by waiting for the pull of the magnetic forces. If you do not feel the pull of the magnetic forces after two seconds, the key is not properly placed onto the insert. Take the key out again and reinsert it.

Would you like someone to demonstrate the four steps? Then take a look at our video! Matthias from PowUnity explains it perfectly. 

HexLox anything – dafür ist das System geeignet

Saddle, seat post, wheels, pedals – all these bicycle parts come in different sizes, dimensions and designs. With HexLox you get a locking system that is amazingly versatile. You can’t secure all components with it, but you can secure a lot of them, and very effectively.

From the saddle to the wheel – you can secure these bicycle parts with Hexlox

HexLox sets are available for the following components:

  • Saddle

  • Suspension fork

  • Front stem

  • Pedals

  • Wheels

In addition to sets for individual parts on your bike, you can also get a complete set.

HexLox in various diameters

HexLox products are available in various sizes, dependent on the diameter of the Allen screws used on the bicycle. Currently, the following sizes are available: 4mm, 5mm, 6mm, 8mm and soon also 10mm.

HexLox for magnetic or non-magnetic screws

Most bicycle screws are magnetic, but stainless steel screws or non-magnetic Allen screws are sometimes used. Hexlox has a solution for every type of screw. Before buying, it is best to test whether your bicycle screws are magnetic or non-magnetic.

Also, be aware that some stainless steel screws can be slightly magnetic – in this case the standard HexLox magnetic solution will not work. Then you have two options: Either replace the screws with magnetic ones, or get HexLox’s solution for non-magnetic screws.

Locking types for bicycle components

Quick-release skewer or standard nuts are commonly used to attach bicycle components. HexLox also has a solution for this. Quick-release skewers are often used on the wheels. The solution: security skewers, which replace existing axles with quick-release levers. The replacement axle can also be secured with a standard 5mm HexLox.

Axles with nuts (M9, M10, M3/8, …) can easily be replaced with “HexNut” security bolts with round heads. These security wheel nuts offer a safe solution for standard nuts. You need an additional 6mm HexLox to secure the HexNut.

Classic seat post clamps or quick release skewers on saddles can also be replaced and secured. This works either with a universal seat post clamp or with a special M8 stainless steel security nut and bolt. After installation, you can add a 5mm HexLox.

Securing the stem prevents thieves from making off with the handlebars, fork and front wheel. In the illustration, you can see two variants. Securing with screw B is already sufficient. Variant A only works on magnetic screws. If the screw protrudes too far from the stem, in case of doubt, it can be replaced by a round head bolt.

HexLox compared to competitor products

Whether gravity locking systems, where bolts can only be opened when the wheel is put on its side, or systems with different bolts and nuts like Pitlock, you will find a constantly growing number of locking systems on the market.

  • HexLox is one of our favourites. This is mainly due to the following characteristics:

  • HexLox does not fit everything. But we know of no other securing system for bicycle components that is so versatile.

  • It’s easy to use and you don’t need to carry any large tools.

The most important thing: HexLox is safe. As soon as the groove was in place, the screw could no longer be removed. So a thief has no chance – unless he comes with heavy equipment and takes the risk of damaging the stolen goods.

Considering these advantages, the price for HexLox sets is more than justified.


HexLox and the GPS tracker BikeTrax from PowUnity – a powerful duo

The best component protection doesn’t help much if a thief steals the whole bike. With e-bikes, you can reliably prevent this: Combine a high-quality lock with the BikeTrax GPS tracker. The lighter-sized tracking device is invisibly mounted in the motor housing of your e-bike.

As soon as someone tries to tamper with your bike, it warns you via the PowUnity app on your smartphone. You can no longer prevent the theft? With BikeTrax, you can track the location of the stolen bike across Europe in real time, whether in the city or in the countryside, and pass it on to the police. This way, thieves have virtually no chance any more.

By the way: In order to open the motor housing of the e-bike, the pedal crank must be pulled off on some e-bikes. This crank can be secured with the 8mm HexLox insert.

Although we know of many hundreds of thousands of BikeTrax installed, there has not been a single case in which the BikeTrax GPS tracker has been found and removed by the thief. If an e-bike owner still wants 110% security and wants to make his motor compartment inaccessible with the integrated GPS tracker, then he additionally secures his pedal crank with the 8mm HexLox insert.

Practical: For BikeTrax owners whose engine compartment can only be accessed by removing the pedal crank, PowUnity also offers the 8mm HexLox security system here in the online shop.

With a combination of bike lock, Hexlox component lock and BikeTrax GPS tracker you protect your e-bike optimally against theft.

Conclusion: Quality and safety with HexLox

The HexLox security system seals Allen screws with light and barely visible magnetic components that can only be removed with a special coded key. This worked pleasantly easily in practice for us and is efficient. Moreover, HexLox is not suitable for all, but for most bicycle and e-bike components. In addition, the system does not impair the appearance of the bike.

So it’s a well-rounded solution for everyone who wants to protect valuable components from thieves. If you also use the BikeTrax GPS tracker and a high-quality lock, you no longer have to worry about your e-bike and its components.

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