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Our aim is to protect the investment our customers make in valuable sports gear.

NeverLose is a versatile recovery and anti-theft device easily mounted to skis and connected to you via Smartphone app. Integrating robust design and cutting edge technology, NeverLose brings peace of mind to winter sport enthusiasts everywhere. When in Ski Finder mode the device automatically detects when a ski has been lost and it emits a 96 db alarm to help you locate ski lost under the snow. While in Guard Mode this alarm will be activated to deter thieves.

NeverLose another moment searching for a lost ski or worrying about theft on the mountain.

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Sounds-based search (96dB)

NeverLose will help you find your lost skis in deep snow.

While off the slopes in Ski Finder Mode a detached ski will trigger a 96 dB alarm in steady one second intervals to signal the location of the missing ski. It is audible even under fresh powder. After you have found the equipment you only need to shake the ski with your hand in order to de-activate it.

Remote theft protection

When in Guard mode the NeverLose device will emit a specific alarm which stops when it detects no further movement or if the owner disarms the device from their app. An accelerometer built into each NeverLose alarm detects prolonged movement to prevent unauthorized access. The automatic ‘on/off’ feature frees the owner from being within audible range of their gear and the alarm is loud enough to attract attention from far away.


PowUnity also offers a bicycle mount so that the NeverLose device can be easily transferred from your winter sports gear at the end of the season to your bicycle. Using the Guard Mode can lock your bicycle up in complete security.

NeverLose App

The NeverLose App is available on the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store for free. Download, pair and ride save with NeverLose.

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What others say about NeverLose

Neverlose is a very relevant product to support the idea of safety when skiing, perfectly in line with what we are trying to achieve at POC

Stefan Ytterborn
Stefan YtterbornCEO & Founder of POCPOC Sports

“I ski 200 days a year and I’m convinced that NeverLose from PowUnity addresses a very strong need within the sports community.” 

Klaus Mair
Klaus MairFounder of Sofa Ski SchoolSofa Ski School

“I have had students lose skis in powder, followed by the subsequent loss of valuable training time searching for their skis, I am excited to finally see a product like NeverLose has been developed and so are my colleges at Rookie Academy”

Garett Shore
Garett ShoreDirector at Rookie AcademyRookie Academy

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