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First Steps Towards your smart E-Bike Fleet

We Equip the Following E-Bike Fleets

“Pedal Me” – an e-cargo bicycle logistics and pedicab company from London – started up with us as their first partner. They equipped their entire e-cargo fleet with BikeTrax. The fleet was integrated into its own company app via our API interface. Like the UBER app, the user can see the locations of the e-cargo bikes in the Pedal Me App and can book them at the push of a button.

Since kicking off with Pedal Me, countless other partners have joined us, including cities, e-bike leasing and rental companies, e-bike sharing companies and a range of mobility platform providers: Here is an excerpt showing our current partners:

Our Partners know:PowUnity knows all about Theft Protection.

Real-time tracking is a must when it comes to e-bike theft protection.

All other GPS systems either had limited battery life or only determined two to three positions a day. When I’m chasing thieves, every meter and every second counts.

Risenga Manghezi, LIISA Bike, Kopenhagen

PowUnity Trackers provide Zedify with vital and accurate real time tracking information. This information combined with the added security element the tracker provides is a vital component to our operation.

Tom Scruby, Zedify

It was a chase like in the movies.

I was able to watch everything live via the PowUnity app. The police were also already on their way at this point to provide backup.

Bike-Verleih Sanvit, Südtirol

PowUnity fleet platform: an enrichment for our booking evaluation!

We have been using BikeTrax for two years now not only as theft protection for our e-bike fleet, but have also integrated the PowUnity fleet platform into our system using an API interface – perfect for central booking management and evaluation of all our e-bikes distributed throughout Austria in the tourism sector.

Our customers, the hoteliers, are thus protected from bogus bookings because we can see every route of the rental bikes. We even get an alarm if someone takes the bikes from the iBike box more than 70 km away.

Markus Preiss, iBIKE-BOX HF GmbH

With PowUnity we have found the ideal solution for our bike rental. No more uncharged GPS trackers and all our bikes and customers are safe on the road.

Carlo Valazza, Dolomitebike by Auto Vallazza, IT

With PowUnity as your Partner, you can reliably

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