E-bike gadgets – These are the accessories you really need

The selection of e-bike accessories is growing as fast as the e-bike market itself. Many people just don't know where to start. We'll help you to keep track of them all. For this purpose, we introduce you to the most important e-bike accessories, from cycle helmets and cycle clothing to accessories for cycle safety such as locks or GPS trackers. We explain when which accessories are useful and what you should look out for when choosing them. On top we have also selected several product tips in different price categories for you.

E-bike accessories in a nutshell

  • E-bike accessories can be divided into three categories: Accessories that are part of the basic equipment, accessories that are valuable in certain situations and optional extras that increase comfort and/or the fun factor.
  • In any case, a high-quality helmet, good lighting and efficient anti-theft protection such as the BikeTrax GPS tracker are essential. Because professional thieves can pick any lock, we recommend a GPS tracker that allows you to locate a stolen bike in real time. You shouldn’t do without cleaning products either.
  • Bags and cycling clothing pay off on tours, for example. Extras such as massage trousers or e-bike skis are more likely to be optional extras.

If you type “e-bike accessories” into the search engine of your choice, you will find a huge number of products from different brands such as Thule, Shimano, Vaude or Abus. But which tool do you need for your e-bike and when can you do without it?

In principle, e-bike accessories can be divided into three categories:

Accessories that are part of the basic equipment because they ensure safety for example:

Whereas, for example, a bicycle lock is still good and secure enough for classic bikes, GPS tracking systems have long been part of the modern safety standard for high-quality pedelecs.

Accessories that are valuable in certain situations:

On longer tours, for example, you will benefit from suitable bags, a pump or a smart-phone holder.

Accessories or tools that you don’t need but that might increase the fun factor.

After all, there’s nothing wrong with a pair of massage pants if you have a bit of budget to spare.

In the following sections, we present e-bike accessories from the first two categories and give you a few tips on how to choose them.

Helmets – must-have e-bike accessories

Icon Fahrradhelm

In the past, it was frowned upon to wear a helmet while cycling. Nowadays, even fashion-conscious hipsters reach for head protection. However, not every head protection is created equal – especially if you are travelling at more than the usual speed (10 to 20 km/h) thanks to the powerful drive.

When necessary

The short answer: always, as soon as you get on your bike. Helmets are not legally required for conventional pedelecs. But they are a kind of insurance in case of emergency and protect you from serious injuries. These can occur even with seemingly harmless falls, on dirt urban or on the mountain.

In addition, there is the risk that your insurance company will reduce its benefits if you were riding without head protection during a fall. Because modern helmets also look good, there is no reason to drive without them.

Important features

You still have the old bike head protection you bought for your first mountain bike? Hold on. Remember that you’ll be riding an ebike at high speed thanks to the motor.

When choosing a helmet, look for the following features:

  • For robust helmets, manufacturers use the in-mold process. This means that a hard foam is injected into the outer shell.
  • An outer shell made of carbon offers more protection than one made of plastic.
  • Make sure that the helmet fits perfectly and can be adjusted so that you feel comfortable with it.
  • If you like to ride fast with a motor, a visor is a good idea. It protects you from sunlight, wind and insects.
  • With breathable helmets, riding fun is guaranteed even on longer rides.
  • Finally, the look makes a difference. The more you like the shape and colour, the more likely you are to wear the helmet every day.

The cost

You can buy a helmet for as little as 30 euros. But it’s worth spending at least twice that amount if you ride with an electric drive.

Product tips

The CASCO ACTIV 2 is a bicycle helmet that also looks good as an electric bike accessory. It combines robust workmanship with a light weight and excellent ventilation. A visor is also on board.

Seitenansicht CASCO Helm ACTIV2 in Schwarz
Seitenansicht CASCO Helm für Frauen in weiß blau

Unlike all-rounders like the CASCO ACTIV 2, the Abus Pedelec 2.0 is aimed specifically at e-bike riders. Made using the in-mould process, it has a rechargeable LED rear light, an integrated fly net and even a rain bonnet integrated into the helmet. Ladies and gentlemen with long hair can look forward to “ponytail compatibility”. You pay a little more for this helmet. But you also get more for it.

Lights for ebikes – it’s better to have a headlight than a tired twinkle light

Icon Fahrradlicht

Ideally, your helmet should not be truly needed at all. One of the things that ensures this is the right lighting. This is especially true when you ride at 25 km/h or more on poorly lit roads./p>

When necessary

Whenever you are riding your ebike in poor visibility. Riders of S-pedelecs must even ride with lights on around the clock.

Pedelecs have one big advantage over a purely muscle-powered bicycle: There is enough electricity on board for a powerful light system. This is why headlights on ebikes are usually not powered by a dynamo, but by the battery.

Important features

  • Forget the wattage. This only says something about how much current a light draws from the battery. The decisive factors for brightness are lumens and lux . However, these figures do not tell you where the brightness goes. So it’s best to look at photos, if there are any, or take a test ride.
  • Make sure that lights for your ebike are robust and splash-proof.
  • Good models often switch automatically between day and night light.
  • A high beam function is particularly important if you are riding on poorly lit paths and country roads.

Important: A key selection criterion for ebike lights is that the lights can be mounted on your bike and are compatible with it or its battery.

The costs

You can buy simple headlights for e-bikes for 50 euros or less, but special, high-performance models cost a few hundred euros.

Product tips

The name Lezyne Power Pro E115 stands for a powerful light system with day and night light and 310 lumens. Compatible with batteries from various well-known manufacturers such as Shimano or Bosch, this light for your ebike is convincing in all light conditions.

If you often ride at night on urban roads, dark country roads or gravel paths, it is worth taking a look at the Lupine SL headlight. With a range of 230 m and a light output of 1300 lumens as well as a sensor-controlled daytime running light, this premium solution brings light into every kind of weather and dark night under any circumstances. It can also be operated with different batteries.

You can buy inexpensive headlights for your pedelec from brands such as Busch & Müller, Axa or Sigma.

Theft protection – safety first

Icon Fahrradsicherung (Schlösser, GPS-Tracker)

Ebikes are a popular prey. Especially in the city e-bike thefts are increasing. This applies not only to the complete bicycle, but also to ebike accessories and components. Whether the seat or pedals from nc 17 or batteries from top brands such as Bosch or Shimano, no component of pedelecs is safe from theft. This makes it more important, to protect them the right way.

When necessary

At the very least, you should not do without a good folding lock for your ebike and its components, regardless of whether you store your ebike in the city, in the bicycle cellar or in your own garage. Ideally, you should combine a mechanical lock with a GPS tracker that transmits the movement of your ebike in real time to your phone.

Important features

We recommend the following products for top theft protection:

The cost

You should budget 50 euros for a high-quality lock. Our top favourite for a lot of security costs about twice as much. The BikeTrax GPS tracker from PowUnity costs 199,90 euros and includes a one-year GPS data flat rate. HexLox component locks are available in sets for different components from about 40 euros per set.

Product tips

If you secure your ebike with the ABUS folding lock Bordo Granit XPlus 6500/8D5, you’ve already taken good precautions against theft. It easily outshines similar bike locks like the Axa Fold Pro 100 and is also worth the hefty price of around 100 euros. And don’t worry: the folding lock from Abus is easier to transport than the name suggests.

Axa E-Bike Schloss Modell Fold

However, professional thieves can cut even granite locks within seconds. A high-priced pedelec is significantly more expensive than conventional bikes. And so it is advisable to rely on modern security standards when it comes to ebike theft protection that connects cyclists and bicycles with a tracking app and thus lets the biker immediately recognise any unauthorised movement directly on the phone.

This is where the BikeTrax tracker from PowUnity comes into play. You can mount him invisibly inside the motor housing of the ebike. By activating the guard mode in the corresponding smartphone app you immediately receive an alarm if your bike moves without permission. You can track your ebike live from anywhere and at any time. In the event of theft, you can send the data and the theft report directly via app to the police. Thanks to these features, thieves really don’t stand a chance. A must-have for cyclists and their ebikes.

HexLox component locks make the trio perfect. The inconspicuous bike accessory blocks the way for Allen keys. It prevents from thieves unscrewing the components – a protection for the seat post, pedals, saddles, and co. that is as simple and smart as it is effective.

Cleaning products – well cared for lasts longer

Icon Reinigungsmittel

An ebike also needs to be looked after. It’s not just about looking good while cruising around or commuting to work. If you clean your ebike’s drive regularly, it will last longer.

When necessary

Because regular cleaning has a direct effect on the functionality and service life of bicycles, cleaning agents are indispensable e-bike accessories.

Important properties

For successful cleaning of your ebike, we recommend these tools:

  • Brush
  • Cloth
  • Bucket of water
  • possibly surface cleaner
  • Chain cleaner
  • Chain oil

In the “cleaning products” category of bike shops and suppliers of ebike accessories, you will find complete tool sets that contain several cleaners and oil, as well as brushes. With such a set, you have everything you need to make your ebike shine.

Alternatively, it is sufficient to buy chain cleaner and chain oil plus perhaps a surface cleaner.


Single cleaners for chain and surface can be bought for about 8 euros, cleaning sets start at about 30 Euros.

Product tips

Muc-off offers a selection of high-quality care products for bicycles and e-bikes. You will also find what you are looking for at Tunap and Dynamic. We also recommend Dr. Wack’s F100 chain oil for e-bikes.

Produktbild Kettenöl

Bags and backpacks – transport made easy

Icon Rucksack

Do you like to use your e-bike for shopping, commuting or for longer tours? And you don’t want to carry your belongings in a basket because of security or pack it in a backpack because of the weight?

Depending on what you are transporting with the bike and how long you are on the road, bike bags for the e-bike have clear advantages over a hiking backpack, a basket or plastic bags on the handlebars.

When necessary

Whenever you need to carry more than you can fit in your jacket pockets, backpack or the basket. Suitable biking bags make transport with an e-bike more comfortable and safer.

Important features

E-bike bags share most of the important features with conventional biking bags.

Make sure that they

  • offer as much space as you need
  • are robust enough to stand every weather
  • have a suspension to your e-bike, whether to the handlebars or luggage rack
  • are rainproof

Bags for electric bikes often have padded compartments to carry the battery and display.


You can get simple bags including suspension for your bike for prices starting at about 30 euros. For high-quality versions with several compartments for sorting your belongings, battery and co. you can expect to pay around three times as much.

Product tips

The eBack Single from Vaude is a bike bag for the luggage rack that is specially designed for e-bikers. It has its own battery compartment, a laptop compartment and a removable laundry compartment. The bag has a total capacity of 28 litres.

As you would expect from Vaude, the bag has a high-quality finish and is made in an environmentally friendly way. As a perfect complement from the same manufacturer, we recommend the eBox handlebar bag with smartphone compartment.

If you are looking for an inexpensive and smart solution for your e-bike, take a look at the Büchel bike bag. This is a simple bag for luggage racks without a separate compartment for a battery. Not an e-bike accessory in the true sense, it can be combined with most common e-bikes, is spacious and inexpensive.

With the KLICKfix adapter, you can attach bags, shopping baskets or other bike accessories to the handlebar, saddle or frame.

Clothing – no pulling around your neck

Icon Radbegleidung

Is it necessary to have your own clothes for riding an e-bike? It depends. For commuting or shopping, jeans and a shirt or jacket are enough. In other cases, cycling clothes are more than just style and worth their weight in gold.

When necessary

It’s worth changing for an e-bike ride if you’re going on a long and sporty trip. Because even tours with a conventional bike don’t feel good in street clothes. Everything chafes, something pulls around your neck and your freedom of movement suffers. And let’s not even talk about sweating or the weather curcumstances.

Cycling clothes is not only breathable. They are also tailored to the movements of cycling. That and extras like padding in the shorts distinguish them from normal fitness clothing. When you’re riding at high speeds thanks to the motor, this is especially important.

Important features

Make sure that cycling clothes are breathable, robust and comfortably cut. Ideally, nothing slips or pinches. Trousers need good padding and the jacket should be windproof and waterproof. In winter, suitable gloves and a hat are a valuable addition.

If you regularly cycle with your e-bike, it is worth investing in cycling shoes. They ensure a secure grip and good power transmission

Product tips

Again, we recommend that you take a look at Vaude. In the brand’s range you will find high-quality trousers and tops that are just as suitable for mountain bike riding as they are for e-bike tours or urban rides.

Frau und Mann in den Bergen machen Rast während einer Mountainbike Tour.

Top brands of the bike market such as Shimano, Gore and Endura also offer cycling clothes that are at the top of their game, both visually and in terms of quality. In addition to these examples, there are good-looking cycling clothes for a tight budget. However, you have to make concessions in terms of function and quality.

Other accessories: the fun factor for your e-bike

Icon E-Bike Zubehör

In addition to the e-bike accessories listed here, there are many other products for your e-bike.

For example, you can replace your saddle with a higher tech model from Ergon. Manufacturers such as Bosch or Shimano provide you with replacement batteries or displays for your e-bike.

The company Schwalbe produces high-tech bicycle tyres for bikes and extra phone apps support you with navigation. You can get a bike rack for your holiday from Thule and pedals from nc 17.

Cyclists shouldn’t do without an air pump for bikes, regardless of whether you’re on the road with or without an electric drive, on a short city ride or outdoors.

Finally, there are foldable bicycle trailers, e-bike skis and massage trousers. But we don’t want to take away your joy of discovery.

There’s just one thing you should always remember when it comes to e-bike accessories: even the best gadget is useless if your e-bike is no longer where you left it. That’s why you should get the BikeTrax GPS tracker from PowUnity now and put a stop to thieves once and for all.

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