8mm HexLox Security Screw

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HexLox security screw for e-bike crank puller ▷ 8mm Allan screw

PowUnity HexLox Set for E-Bike Crank Puller

HexLox safety set for e-bike crank puller with a magnetic 8 millimeter HexLox insert and encoded HexLox key.

For BikeTrax owners whose e-bike engine is only accessible by removing the crank puller.

Attention: Every PowUnity HexLox set contains an individual code which should be kept in a safe place in case of a reorder.

Application area

  • Crank puller of the e-bike
  • For Allen screws (hex socket) with 8 mm diameter

In this case, we recommend the 8mm HexLox Security Screw

If you need to remove your crank before you can fit the GPS tracker into the engine compartment, you can additionally secure the Allen screw (1) of your crank with an 8mm HexLox Security Screw (2).

Once the so-called HexLox inlay has been inserted into the Allen screw, nobody can open the engine compartment with standard tools, let alone remove the GPS tracker.

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