What if e-bike thieves strike and you stay cool?

E-Bike GPS tracker: BikeTrax theft protection for e-bikes

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E-bike stolen? Not with this bike tracker. With the BikeTrax GPS system your bike is safe: The most reliable GPS theft protection in the bike industry locates every movement of your e-bike throughout Europe. You see it live in the free smartphone app on your phone.

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E-bike owners rejoice: BikeTrax GPS is the game-changer in e-bike theft protection

“I heard the battery flex and at the same time the PowUnity app for the bike tracker on my mobile phone sounded an alarm.”

Christian M., Rantingen (DE)


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Belgium, Denmark, Italy, Germany, Austria: BikeTrax tracks down all the thieves and prevents bike theft. In the YouTube series BikeTrax Hits, owners of BikeTrax GPS trackers tell you about their experiences.

Take control of your e-bike’s security
with a GPS bike tracker


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Step-by-step installation with an easy-to-follow manual

Install the GPS bike tracker quickly and start using it right away.

Never lose track of your e-bike

See the exact live location of your e-bike on your smartphone in over 146 countries.

Best automatic GPS theft protection for your e-bike

The security mode of your bicycle tracker is automatically activated through the PowUnity app when you park your e-bike.

Peace of mind, even in the event of theft

Receive an immediate alert in the e-bike tracker app if your electric bike is moved without authorization, allowing you the peace of mind you need.

Your e-bike has a well-hidden secret

The GPS tracker for your bike is discreetly installed inside the e-bike, making it invisible to thieves unlike bike locks that are installed externally.

A smart, forward-thinking investment

The BikeTrax e-bike tracker is compatible with all e-bikes and can also be used for your future bikes.

PowUnity GPSe©
E-bike Tracking via GPS

The PowUnity © System is specifically designed for e-bikes and offers several advantages, including:

Compatible with +100 e-bike brands

Join over 50,000 happy
BikeTrax users

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Best GPS tracker: BikeTrax puts dozens of bike thieves behind bars every year

The direct connection to your e-bike: The PowUnity app to your bike GPS tracker

See and hear where your e-bike is.

Say goodbye to the worry of whether your e-bike is still where you left it. With the PowUnity app and BikeTrax GPS tracker for e-bikes, you can easily keep tabs on your bike’s location, you can monitor GPS tracking of the bike live on your phone and receive notifications if it’s moved without your permission. The GPS tracker records your routes automatically in the PowUnity App.

Get to know PowUnity App

BikeTrax FAQs

GPS stands for Global Positioning System. To determine the position of an object (e.g. a bike), a transmitter and a receiver are needed. The transmitter is a satellite system in space. The receiver is a GPS tracker located on earth.
GPS satellites continuously transmit their position via radio signals. The GPS tracker on Earth receives these radio signals and converts them into its own position data. If the GPS module is located in a bicycle or e-bike, for example, then the accurate GPS location can be transmitted to the owner’s smartphone so that he or she can see the last location coordinates of his or her bike in real time (active gps tracking).
The transmission of the GPS bike trackers’ position data to a terminal device (e.g. smartphone) takes place via radio (e.g. 2G, 4G) and an intermediary server.

BikeTrax from PowUnity is a GPS tracker based on 2G technology. 2G has the largest and most stable network coverage and is currently the best solution for tracking bikes and e-bikes.
The 2nd generation mobile network (2G) will be gradually switched off in Europe at the beginning of 2023. To ensure that your GPS anti theft device can continue to transmit seamlessly, we have developed a new BikeTrax generation based on the 4G network. If the 2G GPS tracker can no longer transmit in your country, we will send you a new BikeTrax 4G GPS tracker in good time. The connection cable remains the same.

The GPS tracker contains an M2M SIM card from the telecommunications company Magenta. The GPS tracker is optimised for their SIM card to ensure ideal reception and data usage to show you the bike’s exact location. The integrated SIM card protects you from data transmission fees abroad (roaming). In addition, a dipped rubber coating ensures that the bike gps trackers are 100% water- and dustproof. This means that it is no longer possible to replace the SIM card at a later date.

Each GPS tracker e-bike set comes to you with the following components:

  • GPS bike tracker with integrated SIM card
  • Connection cable compatible with your e-bike motor
  • GPS tracker additional battery with a capacity of 1,000 mAh
  • Double-sided mounting tape for secure GPS tracker connection
  • Suitable cable ties for fixing the connection cables
  • Free smartphone app for iOS & Android

The bike tracker additional battery ensures that the GPS Tracker transmits or receives even when the power supply (e-bike battery) is switched off or removed. It has a long battery life and lasts for a further 14 hours if the e-bike is moved continuously and up to three more weeks on stand-by.

The mounting depends on your e-bike motor. First select the right GPS tracking device for your e-bike motor and PowUnity will send you the appropriate connection cable and simple, self-explanatory installation instructions together with the GPS tracker so you can start to monitor GPS tracking right away.

To use the bike theft protection via GPS and connect it to your mobile device, download the PowUnity smartphone app from the App Store or Google Play. In the app you can register your BikeTrax with an email/password combination and your individual BikeTrax ID (included in the BikeTrax package). You can use the PowUnity app also on the PowUnity GPS tracker web platform on tablets or laptops.

On some bikes, the cable cover of the motor housing completely encloses the pedal crank.

In this case, the pedal crank (2) must be removed before opening the cable cover (1) of your Bosch motor. You therefore need a crank puller (3) to install your Bosch bike GPS tracker. If this is the case with your e-bike Bosch motor, then you can order the e-bike crank puller directly via the above selection. Apart from that, you do not need any special tools.

In most cases, you only need a different connection cable if you want to install it in another e-bike (with a different motor). You can purchase the connection cable afterwards from PowUnity. Only in exceptional cases does the complete bike tracker have to be replaced when changing the motor or e-bike.

The PowUnity BikeTrax GPS tracker Bosch is specially designed for installation in Bosch e-bikes (e-bikes with Bosch motors).
For e-bikes with Bosch motor generation 2/3, BikeTrax has a Bosch universal connector. For e-bikes with Bosch motor generation 4 (until year of construction 2021), we recommend ordering the specially developed GPS tracker Bosch “Generation 4 – not Smart”.
If someone is unclear whether a Bosch Generation 2/3 or 4 motor (up to year of manufacture 2021) is installed in the e-bike, then the Bosch generation 2/3 connector can be used.
Bosch has launched the smart e-bike system on the market in 2022. In the course of this, all plugs of the Bosch motor have also changed. Especially for the Bosch smart system, PowUnity has developed a new GPS tracker Bosch that can be connected in the motor: the BikeTrax “Bosch Generation 4 – Smart” (for all Bosch motors of the 4th generation from year of manufacture 2022).

If you have a Bosch “Active Line” motor, then it is a Bosch motor of generation 2 or 3.

If you bought your e-bike new in 2020 – 2021 and it has a “Performance Line CX” or “Bosch Cargo Line” motor, then it is a Bosch Generation 4 motor – not Smart.

Bosch smart

If you bought your e-bike new in 2022, then it has a Bosch motor Generation 4 – Smart. You will also recognise this if an “LED Remote” control unit is attached to the e-bike.

The PowUnity BikeTrax Brose GPS tracker is specially designed for installation in e-bikes with Brose motors. There is a special Brose connection for Specialized e-bikes with Brose motors. Select the Specialized Brose connector in the selection above if you ride a Specialized e-bike. For all other e-bike manufacturers who have installed a Brose motor, there is a standard Brose BikeTrax connection.

Yes, the Shimano e-bike theft protection comes with connection cables that allow you to connect BikeTrax to any e-bike with all Shimano motor models (incl. the new EP8 motor).

For all e-bike manufacturers that have a Yamaha motor installed, there is the uniform Yamaha BikeTrax connection (not suitable for Giant e-bikes with Yamaha motor).

The Universal GPS bike trackers are suitable for universal use. It is designed for areas of bicycle mobility as well as for individual and specific technology applications. This includes all areas of application where the coupling of the GPS-Tracker Universal with a power supply can be ensured.

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