Bike pedals theft protection – 5 tips

Few owners of a bicycle or e-bike think about securing pedals against theft. This quickly pays off. A bike thief can easily remove pedals and losing it is extremely annoying. Here we give you 5 tips on how to prevent theft.

Fahrradpedale: Diebstahlschutz - 5 Tipps

About bike pedal theft protection in a nutshell:

  • Pedals are less in the focus of suppliers who offer component security for bicycles and e-bikes.
  • To prevent theft, you can take the pedals with you, which is time consuming, use a loop cable like the Cobra from ABUS. The best theft protection for pedals in our opinion is the HexLox set for securing pedals.
  • Be aware: Especially if you have an expensive e-bike, you should definitely invest in good bike security in general. With the GPS tracker BikeTrax from PowUnity you get an alarm on you smartphone whenever someone is kicking your pedals.

When you get back to your e-bike or bike and the pedals are missing, all you can do is push home. This is a good reason to widen your bicycle security secure your bike pedals against theft. Another reason is that pedals cost a lot of money, depending on the brand and model. If you have chosen expensive ones, losing them is doubly annoying.

Unfortunately, “loosen” components like pedals (especially quick release pedals), the saddle, the front or rear wheel and even e-bike batteries are particularly tempting prey. After all, they can be removed without special tools. In many cases, a maul is all that is needed.

So what should you do so that you don’t have to push your bike or e-bike home? We have some tips for you.

Basic information on bicycle pedals and prices

Pedals are divided into so-called platform pedals and system pedals, i.e. clipless pedals that are attached to the shoes with brackets. Simple platform pedals made of plastic for city and touring bikes are of course cheaper than milled aluminium pedals or those with a click binding. You can get the former for around 20 euros.

If you want to buy a high-quality mountain bike platform pedal, you can spend 30 euros, but also up to 250 euros. Crankbrothers pedals, for example, cost between 60 and 450 euros. The Tyrolean company Magpad develops high-quality safety pedals for cross bikes, road bikes, mountain bikes etc. They are equipped with magnets of varying strength depending on the requirements or body weight and are available in the Magped online shop for 90 – 190 euros per pair, depending on the model.

How to protect bicycle pedals from bike thieves

Regardless of whether they are cheap or expensive, pedals usually do not have integrated anti-theft protection. They are also less in the focus of suppliers who offer component security for bicycles and e-bikes than wheels or bicycle saddles

Nevertheless, cyclists can take measures to prevent theft:

Tip 1: Take bicycle pedals with you

Simple but effective: Remove your pedals and put them in your backpack or bag. That way no one can steal them. This works with all pedals and you don’t have to buy expensive gadgets.

However, there are a few catches. Because it is time-consuming to remove the pedals of your e-bike or bicycle every time you park somewhere for a longer period of time. And it’s not exactly practical to go to a restaurant, concert or bar with a pedal in your backpack. All in all, this type of anti-theft device has limited suitability for everyday use.

  • costs nothing
  • all you need is the right tool, for example an open-ended hexagon socket spanner
  • reliably prevents theft

  • time-consuming
  • You have to carry the pedals around with you

Tip 2: Secure pedal with loop cable

In addition to the lock you use to secure your e-bike or bicycle, use other bicycle locks for components. Wheels, for example, can be protected well with a cable or spiral cable lock.

For pedals, we recommend a loop cable like the Cobra from ABUS. This way it is still possible to remove them. However, a thief can no longer take them without picking the lock. Depending on the length of the cable, you can secure several components with one model.

However, not every pedal is suitable for “threading through” a loop cable. In addition, loop cables are often easy to break.

  • inexpensive
  • easy to use

  • does not fit every pedal
  • a loop cable is easy to crack
  • you have to carry at least two locks around with you.

Tip 3: HexLox – the all-rounder for theft protection of components

In our opinion, the best theft protection for many bicycle components is the HexLox security system.

It is a small stainless steel cone that you insert into the cavity of magnetic hexagon socket screws. This makes it impossible to move the screw with a normal spanner. To remove HexLox, you get an individual special key. You can reorder it as long as you give the code for it.

HexLox is small, practical and safe. The system is also suitable for pedals, but only for those that cannot be opened with an open-end spanner. A HexLox set for securing pedals currently costs 52 euros.

By the way, you can easily replace non-magnetic screws with magnetic ones.

  • small and easy to transport
  • easy to mount
  • safe

  • not suitable for every pedal
  • comparatively expensive

Tip 4: Take out bicycle insurance for components

Bicycle or household insurance (incl. bikes) does not prevent a bicycle from being stolen. But they do ensure that the owner is compensated. Ideally, you will be reimbursed for the entire damage.

Some insurances also cover the theft of components, but often only up to a certain amount. If you want to insure your bike or e-bike anyway, pay attention to this point in the insurance conditions.

Keep in mind, however, that insurance is associated with ongoing costs. In addition, it often takes time to get reimbursed for the damage, and reimbursement is subject to conditions. Inform yourself thoroughly or take advice before you decide on a provider.

  • Reimbursement in the event of theft and, in some cases, vandalism.
  • Complete cover possible
  • Choice of many providers and tariffs

  • Reimbursement only under certain conditions
  • Comparatively expensive

Tip 5: E-bike or bike theft protection – don’t forget the GPS tracker

Effective theft protection for the pedals is of little help if a thief steals the whole bike or e-bike. Especially if you have an expensive e-bike, you should definitely invest in the most effective duo currently on the market:

  1. A good lock that can’t be picked in passing
  2. The GPS tracker BikeTrax from PowUnity

While a high-quality bike lock deters casual thieves, the BikeTrax GPS tracker also protects you from professionals. It immediately warns you on your smartphone if someone tries to tamper with your e-bike without permission. If you cannot prevent the theft, the police can track the location of the stolen bike in real time using the GPS signal. So the chances are excellent that they’ll catch the thieves quickly and you’ll soon get your bike back.

In addition, the PowUnity app comes with valuable functions such as a route recording and a bike passport.

Conclusion: Securing pedals is not easy, but possible

Protecting bicycle or e-bike components from thieves is important. After all, a wheel or pedal is quickly dismantled and the loss can cause high costs. In addition, it is usually no longer possible to continue riding.

That is why there is a growing number of component locks on the market. However, the search for pedal locks can be difficult. Especially if your pedals can be removed with an Allen or open-end spanner, your only option is to remove them or secure them with a loop cable. For expensive components, whether pedals, saddles or wheels, additional insurance may be worthwhile.

Either way, the best solution so far that we strongly recommend is securing your e-bike with a good lock and the BikeTrax GPS tracker. There is currently no better security for expensive pedelecs.

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