It was specialist dealers who made PowUnity great.
They continue to enjoy our loyalty.

When it comes to product and service development, PowUnity fosters intensive exchange with specialist dealers. We have more than 500 specialist dealers in our partner network, who purchase the BikeTrax GPS tracker directly from PowUnity to secure their e-bikes. Dozens of new specialist dealers join their ranks every week. All of them use the best theft protection in the industry and recommend it to their customers. You too?

Become a PowUnity Partner Step by Step

Together with PowUnity, as a partner, you can:

Our Plus for E-Bike Dealers

After your successful dealer request, as a partner, you will not only receive our GPS tracker products, but also excellent marketing materials for your premises. Everything is included in the Premium Marketing Kit, from a representative roll-up or poster to an informative folder in the language of your country. This enables you to give a face to our partnership and the added bicycle security that you can offer.

Become a BikeTrax dealer

Our partners know:
PowUnity knows all about theft protection.

I think the tracker is ingenious. Everything is integrated here ready to go. Simple assembly, easy to use, works without error.

Markus, Vit:bikes, Munich

Simple and reliable

E-bikes are highly sought-after by thieves. The recovery of a customer’s e-bike showed us how easily and reliably BikeTrax works. As a result, we will continue to equip our e-bikes with the tracker in the future and recommend it to our customers.

Sven Krüger, Geschäftsführer der eBike
Company, Hamburg

We want an additional product that sets us apart from other dealers. The GPS tracker is the perfect solution because our customers are already asking for it.

Christian Häfele, Zweirad Loitz

“All-in-all, a simple matter to solve!”

BikeTrax Montage & App-Installation,
E-Bike Company Mainz

Every lock can be picked. Therefore, any means that prevents the thief from stealing a bike is a good thing and makes you feel safe.

Vit:bikes & Max Loy, PowUnity in interview

You want to get more information about our conditions and your BikeTrax order? Send us a request here and we will contact you as soon as possible!

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