Bicycle saddle theft protection: You should be aware of this!

E-bike thieves are after everything: High-quality bicycle saddles are also highly sought after. You want to prevent yourself from returning to your bike and finding the seat missing? Here you can find out how to protect your bike seat from theft.

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About anti-theft protection for bicycle saddles in a nutshell:

  • There is a wide range of anti-theft solutions for your bike saddle. They range from several locks to anti-theft devices with gravitational technology such as the ABUS Nutfix, special nuts such as the Pitlock or Pinhead system and our favourite: the HexLox security system.
  • For theft-proof rain protection, we recommend the Cityhopper anti-theft saddle cover.
  • Remember to also secure other valuable components such as wheels or the e-bike battery and of course your e-bike itself. The most reliable theft protection for e-bikes is the PowUnity GPS tracker BikeTrax. It alerts you immediately on your mobile phone if someone moves your e-bike without permission.

It doesn’t always have to be the whole bike or e-bike. Bicycle components are also coveted by thieves. It can quickly happen that you return to your bike, which has been carefully secured with a lock, and where your saddle used to be, a bare tube is sticking up in the air. This is not only impractical for the way home. You also lose an established seat and, depending on the saddle, a lot of money.

Our readers know our best recommendation against e-bike theft: the GPS tracker BikeTrax in combination with a high-quality bike lock is a must. But what is the best way to protect your bike’s saddle against theft? What are the advantages of screws over quick-releases, what’s the deal with gravity locking systems and how does HexLox work?

In this article we will help you find the best anti-theft protection for your bicycle saddle.

Why a bike seat is valuable

There are at least three reasons why the theft of a bicycle saddle is so annoying:

  • Bicycle saddles can be expensive. If you don’t want to make do with a standard bicycle saddle and have high demands on cushioning, you can spend well over 100 euros on it.
  • Many saddles adapt to the rider over time. Regular cycling makes them more and more comfortable. If you have to buy a new one, you start from scratch.
  • After all, bringing your bike home without a saddle can cause serious problems. During a tour, theft is particularly annoying.

Theft protection for your bicycle saddle: These options are available

So how do you protect your bike saddle from theft? We have compiled the most common and important security methods and systems.

Combine different locks

A very obvious option without having to deal with special security systems for bicycles is to use several locks. If you lock the bike to a fixed object with a folding or U-lock, for example, an additional secondary lock can be used to protect the bicycle seat from theft. You can use a cable or spiral cable lock to hang it around the saddle rails, the seat post and the bike frame.

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The ABUS Cobra cable lock, for example, a sheathed steel cable with two loop ends, is available in different lengths. The ABUS Cobra 12/180 variant is 1.80 m long and weighs no more than 500 g.

Advantages and disadvantages of cable and spiral cable locks:

  • Little extra weight
  • Avoids quick unauthorised access
  • Flexible use for different bicycle components

  • Can be easily cut with tools
  • Only serves as an additional lock in conjunction with other security systems

Although cable and spiral cable locks do not provide effective complete protection, they do make theft more difficult. In general, the more inconsistent types of locks protect the bike and its components, the more time will pass before the bike is stolen.

Allen key seat clamps instead quick release seat post clamp

A quick release is practical because it allows the saddle to be loosened and adjusted quickly. But thieves also benefit from it. Much safer are locking seat clamps like Allen key seat clamps, which can only be loosened with tools because they are fastened with screws. Seatposts can be fastened well with hexagonal or pentagonal Allen key bolts.

A small protection upgrade to a simple locking seat clamp is offered by safety screws such as Torx screws or hexagon socket screws with a pin in the middle. These are inexpensive and the tools for them are also available from your specialist dealer.

Of course, all the screws and corresponding keys that you can buy cheaply from a specialist dealer can also be bought by thieves. Nevertheless, they protect a part like your saddle at least against casual thieves without tools.

However, it is possible to be even more creative and effective, for example with gravity locking systems like the ABUS Nutfix.

Gravity locking systems as anti-theft protection for the saddle of e-bikes

Why not make use of gravity to protect bike parts? We introduce you to a few of these ingenious systems.

Bolts, nuts, nuts or quick-releases with gravity locking technology can only be opened when the bike is upside down or turned 90 degrees. This means that if your bike is attached to a fixed object, a thief first has to pick the lock and then turn the wheel or turn it upside down to steal the saddle. Most saddle thieves are deterred by this.

Zefal Lock’n’Roll anti-theft device

This security system is suitable for wheels and the seat post. The special feature is that the quick release seat clamp can only be opened when the bike is horizontal. This is ensured by a ball inside the construction that blocks the lever. With this system, too, it is essential to lock the bike with a primary lock so that it cannot be tilted.

IXOW theft protection for the saddle: safering gravity and safering keycode

Another locking system with a gravity locking system is the safering from IXOW for the seat post. The “gravity” version can also only be opened when the bike is upside down and the bolt is loosened with an Allen key. The extended safering “keycode” model requires a special key, which is included in the delivery.

ABUS Nutfix

Gravity also plays the most important role in the ABUS stainless steel NutFix gravity locking system. For the system to work, the bike must be upright. So remember here too to secure the bike or e-bike firmly to another object with a folding or U-lock. The nut of the ABUS NutFix can be screwed to the seat post bolt with an open-ended spanner.

Advantages and disadvantages of gravity locking systems

  • Complex protection against theft with special gravity technologies (the locking system only opens when the bike is tilted or turned upside down).
  • Variants can be mounted and dismounted with special tools or conventional open-ended and hexagonal spanners, depending on the manufacturer

  • Price varies between 30-50 euros
  • No 100 % security

Various nuts and grooves as theft protection for bicycle saddles

The Pitlock System

The Pitlock system is made up of special nuts and bolts, depending on whether the front or rear wheel, seat post or other components such as headlights and brakes are to be secured. The secret of the system is the individual keys for the nuts. Pitlock sells more than 1000 different combinations, which the buyer can only repurchase using a special code.

Das Pinhead System

Similar to Pitlock, the Pinhead seat post lock also works with special nut-axle-key combinations. A repeat purchase is also only possible with a code. Pinhead also sells complete sets that include a chain wheel lock. One universal key is supplied per product, which is compatible with wheel lock, axles and nuts.

Special nut-axle-key combinations cannot be opened with tools from outside the factory, but only with custom-made keys.

Hexlox: the best theft protection for bicycle parts

The HexLox special security system for bicycle components has it all. With Hexlox, all e-bike and bicycle parts can be cleverly protected against theft: Rear wheel, front wheel, bike seat and saddle clamp or stem.

Hexlox is inserted into Allen screws (hexagon socket) with an individual key. It thus blocks the access of an Allen key to open the screw. HexLox works with all magnetic steel screws or titanium and aluminium screws that have a magnetic insert mute glued in.

To remove HexLox again, the HexLox key is necessary. This is pressed lightly into the insert. Another removal method is not even possible with strong magnets.

HexLox supplies the manufacturer specific tool for Allen screws of the wheel and a coded key, the Hexlox key, in the set. The sizes of Hexlox vary from 4 mm to 10 mm. For the individual key, additional HexLox can be reordered by specifying a three-digit code in the packaging.

Hexlox is inserted into Allen screws and blocks access to the screw by means of a standard Allen key. The lock can only be removed with a coded key.

True to the “HexLox anything” principle, this security system is not only used for bicycle and e-bike component protection, but can also be attached to furniture, public places, car and motorbike parts, trade fair stands, solar cells or GPS transmitters.

In our YouTube video we explain to you the function, assembly and disassembly of the HexLox in detail. Watch the video “How to secure saddles & co. in 3 seconds with HexLox!”.

Advantages and disadvantages of HexLox:

  • Preparations are light and inconspicuous
  • Fit into every Allen screw on the bike – from 4 – 10 mm
  • HexLox anything: very good protection – not only for bike equipment

  • are in the higher price range

The Cityhopper anti-theft saddle cover

A waterproof saddle cover keeps your bicycle seat dry and clean. It is usually simply pulled over the saddle. However, it can just as easily be removed by someone else who is riding your bike and has been caught in the rain or who thinks your bicycle seat cover is pretty.

You can prevent this, for example, with the MadeForRain Cityhopper anti-theft saddle cover. It comes with a lock and a security eyelet.

Excursus: Hexlox for BikeTrax

The best reason for us to choose HexLox as the best theft protection for bicycle seats and other components is a theft protection that is designed for e-bike and bike parts, but at the same time also offers maximum security for GPS trackers.

Why we too trust HexLox as the best theft protection for bike parts? Our GPS tracker BikeTrax is a lighter-sized tracking device that is mounted in the motor housing of the e-bike and is thus invisible to the thief. However, in order to open the motor housing of the e-bike, the crank must be pulled off on some e-bikes. This crank can be secured with the 8 millimetre HexLox insert.

With 10,000 BikeTrax installed, we are not aware of a single case where the BikeTrax was found and removed by the thief. However, if an e-bike owner wants 110% security and wants to make the engine compartment inaccessible with the integrated GPS tracker, then he also secures his crank with the 8 millimetre Hexlox insert.

This not only seals the engine compartment, with HexLox a stolen e-bike even remains unsaleable, because its actual owner can see its location at all times as long as the GPS tracker keeps watch in the e-bike engine compartment. BikeTrax and e-bike are inseparable. Understandably, only on those e-bikes where the crank has to be removed to open the motor housing.

The combination of a mechanical lock (immobiliser), a digital anti-theft device (BikeTrax GPS tracker) and HexLox component security set is, in our opinion, by far the best solution to protect an e-bike from thieves.

With a combination of bike lock, Hexlox component lock and BikeTrax GPS tracker you protect your e-bike optimally against theft.

The most secure anti-theft combination for e-bikes: mechanical lock, BikeTrax GPS tracker and sealing of the e-bike engine compartment using HexLox.

The most secure anti-theft combination for e-bikes: mechanical lock, BikeTrax GPS tracker and sealing of the e-bike engine compartment using HexLox.

For BikeTrax owners whose engine compartment can only be accessed by removing the pedal crank: PowUnity now also offers the 8 millimetre HexLox security system here in our PowUnity online shop.

Conclusion: Protecting bicycle saddles is worthwhile

Not only complete bicycles are coveted by thieves. Bicycle saddles also quickly fall into the wrong hands. One reason for this is that few people protect their saddles against theft.

If you want to avoid having to push your bike home, buy a new saddle and break it in, we recommend a good theft protection. There is a wide choice. It ranges from several locks to anti-theft devices with gravitational technology such as the ABUS Nutfix to our favourite: the HexLox security system. As a theft-proof rain cover, we recommend, for example, the Cityhopper anti-theft saddle cover.

Then you just need to remember to secure other valuable components such as wheels and, of course, your bike itself. The best anti-theft device for e-bikes is the PowUnity GPS tracker BikeTrax. It alerts you immediately on your mobile phone if someone tries to tamper with your bike. You can also track the location of a stolen bike in real time. So the chances are excellent that you’ll get it back soon.

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