Even if you have the best e-bike on the market, you will lose to a competitor’s inferior bikes if they implement their e-bike IoT service faster and better.

What you get when you team up with PowUnity

Your next 4 steps

One step ahead

PowUnity was the first company developing GPS-tracking devices for e-bikes. We were not satisfied with what the market offered to secure e-bikes from being stolen. Following our lead, more companies came up with their e-bike GPS-tracking solutions. That actually made us happy because a competitive market is a thriving market.

By additionally connecting the PowUnity app with the e-bike via Bluetooth as well as integrating third-party services into one single app, we are once again one step ahead. Being active in the B2C-market with our own brand and services and forwarding the gained knowledge and momentum to our B2B-partners is what truly distinguishes us.

Join us in becoming the leading developer of smart e-bike technology. Together, we will find ways no one else in the bicycle industry has thought about before. Our common goal is to motivate people to do more sports and drive fewer cars thanks to the products and services we offer.

Key components of the White-label E-bike App
and why they are important

White-label App

More than ten thousands of people use the PowUnity app daily. The feedback from those users goes directly into our app development and your own white-label app.


The e-bike display of the future is: your smartphone. Your app will connect to the e-bike via Bluetooth. It can be used instead of a display or as an extended display.



A well-maintained bike makes your customers enjoy their bike even more. We help them to do that in the best possible way and connect them to your dealer network.

Theft Protection

The BikeTrax GPS tracker is mounted inside the e-bike. It forwards the live location of the e-bike and an alarm in case of unauthorised movement to the smartphone.


Trips and Statistics

Every biker is eager to know what they have accomplished. We help them to keep an overview of their stats and memorise their best e-biking experiences.

3rd-party integration

A separate app for your engine, your electronic gear, your tire pressure sensor, … that’s too much for your customers. We integrate everything in one single app.


If you sell your bikes via a retailer, you cannot communicate with your customers. We help you break that barrier via the app and its communication features.

It needs to be you, the manufacturer

Everyone wants to implement a mobile application – from the e-bike engine manufacturer, the electronic gear manufacturer to the mechanical lock provider. But is it convenient for the end-user to download a dozen of different apps? We don’t think so.

The end-user would like to have one single app where all services are integrated. We are convinced that it needs to be the e-bike manufacturer who is offering such “master app”.

PowUnity is a full-service provider for digital e-bike solutions. We develop white-label apps and services for e-bike manufacturers. Apps and services that connect to the e-bike and all of its possible components via Bluetooth and our IoT-gateway. The IoT-gateway is our GPS tracker BikeTrax which is based on LTE-M and Narrowband-IoT.

Would you like to introduce your e-bike brand to us?

Knowing not guessing

Data Dashboard

We help you to improve your business through data. Aggregated data and not individual data – the privacy of your users needs to be kept.


Know in what countries, cities and areas your bikes are being used the most. Find out what kind of people really resonate with your offer.

Riding Behaviour

We let you know everything about average speed, distance, meters of altitude and on what surface your users ride.

Daily Usage

Are your bikes still in the stores or are they already being used? We answer that question for you.

E-Bike Models

Would you like to know which of your bike models are being used the most? We got you covered.


How many people subscribe to your offered services and what are your monthly earnings? We help you earn and not burn money.


How many customers actually insure their e-bikes and which insurance companies do they go to? We can find that out for you.

Your Future with the Right Connected Bicycle Strategy

100% Involved

PowUnity’s mission is to drive digitalisation in the e-bike market. We started in the B2C space, selling our BikeTrax GPS tracker as a retrofit option to e-bike owners. Because we are convinced that excellent product development only works when you are on the front lines yourself. The learnings from the B2C area are passed on 1-to-1 to our B2B partners and flow directly into the product development.

Our vision: A world where all e-bikes are digitalised and connected in order to become an even better alternative to cars as well as to drive the motivation of individuals to spend more time outside and do more sports.

A project partnership like “Development Sales Closure” is not possible for a hardware-software service product. The development partner must be 100% and constantly involved.

You would like to receive full insight knowhow to implement your e-bike IoT strategy in the fastest way possible? Send us a request here and we will contact you as soon as possible!

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