You Need a Smart, Reliable Connected E-Bike Strategy?

First Steps towards your Connected Bicycle Strategy:

Application of Data-Science in E-Bike Companies

Don’t make the same mistakes as Kodak, Nokia and Blockbuster!

The Internet of Things (IoT) is developing at break-neck speed. As a comparatively conservative field, the bicycle industry is also beginning to recognise the advantages of a digitally connected e-bike.
The e-bike manufacturers that are currently developing the fastest are very young companies, whose skills lie especially in the areas of marketing, digitisation and data processing, rather than in the development of e-bikes. In order to avoid falling into the same trap as Kodak, Nokia or Blockbuster, it is important that established bicycle manufacturers take the matter of e-bike digitisation seriously – and even expedite it!
The white paper “Application of Data-Science in E-Bike Companies“ provides a detailed expert view on the right “Connected Bicycle Strategy”.

Driving Digitisation in the E-Bike Market

PowUnity started in the B2C sector and sells the BikeTrax GPS tracker as a retrofit option to e-bike owners. We firmly believe that excellent product development only works if you are on the front line yourself. That’s why we pass on what we learn one-to-one in the B2C sector to our B2B partners, so that they can be incorporated into product development.

We hone our expertise with every new project, every detailed analysis and each additional personal discussion – whether with our partners or directly with the customer. And we are familiar with the digital challenges that e-bike manufacturers face.

Stefan Sinnegger,
Founders and CEOs, PowUnity

Your Future with the Right Connected Bicycle Strategy

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