PowUnity App:
The App for your BikeTrax GPS Tracker

Once you have installed your PowUnity BikeTrax GPS tracker in your e-bike, you can stay connected to your bike around the clock with the free PowUnity app. The app not only sends you a motion alarm with a push message as soon as your e-bike is moved without your permission. With features such as the BikePass and the theft alert, it also offers you reliable and smart theft protection that you can carry with you at all times.


The PowUnity App for the BikeTrax GPS Tracker:
These Features secure your Bike

In the first year, PowUnity gives you the GPS data flat rate for the e-bike tracker app free of charge! After registering your BikeTrax GPS tracker, you can immediately secure your bike smartly. The bike and smartphone are connected 24/7. In addition to live tracking and the theft report, the PowUnity app also offers numerous additional functions and features that are essential for protecting your e-bike against theft:

Real-time Tracking on all End Devices

You can use the PowUnity App for your BikeTrax on your smartphone as well as via Desktop app on all other devices like laptop, tablet, desktop PC. All services, functions as well as security measures are available to you identically and are synchronized immediately.

You can open the PowUnity Desktop App at any time via your internet browser at app.powunity.com.

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PowUnity App:
Co-branded E-Bike Tracking App for Manufacturers

PowUnity offers the PowUnity app as a co-branded app version, exclusively for e-bike manufacturers. An e-bike tracking app with its own design – including all the features, functions and updates of the PowUnity app. Curious? Become one of our partners and benefit from the BikeTrax GPS tracker’s anti-theft software, which we provide to manufacturers at a small price.

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eBike GPS tracking
can be that easy!

You want to secure your bike live and reliably against theft? The PowUnity GPS tracker BikeTrax is smarter than thieves.

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