Press Release: GPS trackers improve theft clearance rate

Press Release

The new GPS tracker for e-bikes improves theft clearance rate

Innsbruck/Berlin, 28 August 2019

BikeTrax brings 20 e-bikes back

The number of e-bikes on the roads is increasing steadily. However, the purchase of such a bicycle is a big investment: prices of around EUR 3,000 are standard, and even higher prices are quite common. It is obvious that such an expensive e-bike needs to be protected from thieves with a high-quality lock. But even the best lock is useless if the bike is in fact stolen. The chances that you will ever see it again are extremely low. To prevent this from happening, the Innsbruck-based company, PowUnity, has launched BikeTrax, a GPS tracker for e-bikes.

It works like this: The GPS tracker is mounted into the e-bike and connected to its battery. In order to track where the thief is taking the e-bike, should it be stolen, you need to download the appropriate app on your smartphone. Thereafter, all that’s left to do is to register and connect your e-bike, and your bike is secure. If your bike is moved without your permission, an alarm is triggered immediately. This way, the thief can be caught red-handed.

So far, this smart theft protection has not only proven its worth several times in Austria! It has also helped to return bikes and prevent theft in Rostock, Frankfurt and Berlin, to mention just a few:
Berlin remains the stronghold of bicycle thieves, so it’s not surprising that thieves don’t shy away from targeting bike shops either. Christian Henel is the owner of the bicycle shop Zweirad Henel in Zehlendorf. One night he was woken up by the BikeTrax alarm. He immediately called the police and drove to his shop with the officer. They discovered that 20 bikes had been stolen, one of which was fitted with the GPS tracker. Together with the police, he was able to follow the signal to an industrial area, where all the bikes were found in a container and seized. Apart from the signs of burglary at the shop, the dealer suffered no further losses, thanks to BikeTrax.

“Every year, 300,000 bikes are stolen in Germany alone. Even though the number has declined somewhat recently, the chance that your expensive e-bike could be stolen is still very high,” says Stefan Sinnegger, founder and CEO of PowUnity GmbH. He continues: “We can track where a bike is with absolute reliability. This not only reassures our customers! It also benefits insurance companies, as they have to pay less compensation, and it also makes the work of the police easier.”

About PowUnity GmbH

In 2016, the growing number of e-bikes on the streets prompted Maximilian Loy, Stefan Sinnegger and Christian Strassl to develop a GPS tracker for this purpose. In the event of an e-bike being stolen, the owner can use the app to track the location of their stolen bike and arrange for it to be recovered. The BikeTrax GPS tracker is thus an active and effective preventive measure to protect against bicycle theft. The company sells the BikeTrax system for various brands of e-bikes, through retail outlets and its online shop. So far, the company’s sales have focused on the target markets of Germany, Austria and Switzerland, and they are currently expanding to include the entire EU market.

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Press Release PowUnity GmbH ▷ Innsbruck/Berlin, 28.08.2019 ➥ GPS trackers improve theft clearance rate – ✅

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