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Annual Subscription for the PowUnity App

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GPS Data package for the BikeTrax PowUnity App

The GPS data transfer for the BikeTrax PowUnity app is free of charge in all EU countries for the first year! This way, you can view the location coordinates in the app at any time. You not only get a push message with a motion alert as soon as your e-bike is moved without your permission. Other features, like the BikePass and the theft reports offer smart, reliable theft protection that you carry with you at all times.


Annual Subscription for the BikeTrax PowUnity App

After the first free year, you can renew your subscription year by year either conveniently in the app or on this page.

If you buy your annual subscription via our online store, you will receive an individual code, which you can redeem in the PowUnity app.


Want the best
Theft Protection for your E-Bike?

The PowUnity BikeTrax GPS tracker updates the location of your e-bike every 10 seconds!

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