Track your bike

GPS tracker for active & invisible theft protection.

Easy installation

Your GPS tracker is easy to assemble & quickly ready for use.

App with alarm

You will receive an alarm as soon as your e-bike is moved.

About the PowUnity team

A team of experts

Enthusiasm for sports and technology as well as a common understanding of values – that is what unites the PowUnity team. Gain an insight into our company and learn more about our dedicated and creative PowUnity team.

Stefan Sinnegger - PowUnity

Stefan Sinnegger

Founder, Managing Director, Sales, Marketing

Christian Strassl - PowUnity

Christian Strassl

Founder, Managing Director, Hardware Development, Production

Maximilian Loy - PowUnity

Maximilian Loy

Founder, Software and Hardware Development

Anita Saurwein - PowUnity

Anita Saurwein


Maria Krabacher - PowUnity

Maria Krabacher


Janine Riedmüller - PowUnity

Janine Riedmüller

Order processing

Thomas Eder - PowUnity

Thomas Eder

Sales Management

Christoph Bachmann - PowUnity

Christoph Bachmann


Roland Micheler - PowUnity

Roland Micheler


Carolina Klotz - PowUnity

Carolina Klotz

Customer support & dealer management

Daniel Juen - PowUnity

Daniel Juen

Technical support

Nicolas Müller - PowUnity

Nicolas Müller


Robert Sporer - PowUnity

Robert Sporer

Data Management

Stefan Spörr - PowUnity

Stefan Spörr


Stefan Kraxner - PowUnity

Stefan Kraxner


Reinhard Grübler - PowUnity

Reinhard Grübler

Strategic corporate development

Christof Stocker - PowUnity

Christof Stocker

Strategic corporate development

Katharina Haak - PowUnity

Katharina Haak

Marketing Management

Über PowUnity - Team, Entwickler, Produktion & Marketing

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