Driving digitization in the e-bike market

PowUnity’s mission is to drive digitalization in the e-bike market. We started in the B2C space, selling our BikeTrax GPS tracker as a retrofit option for e-bike owners. The learnings from the B2C area are passed on 1 to 1 to our B2B partners and flow into product development. Because we are convinced that excellent product development only works when you are on the front lines yourself..

Career with E-Drive

You’re riding an old bike, pedalling in 3 gears and you’ve had enough of your well-worn habit? We give you the drive you need! Accelerate your future from 0 to 100 with us!

PowUnity Team

Stefan Sinnegger

Founder, CEO, Sales, Marketing

Christian Strassl

Founder, CEO, Hardware Development, Production

Maximilian Loy

Founder, software and hardware development

Anita Saurwein


Maria Krabacher


Janine Riedmüller

Order processing

Christoph Bachmann


Roland Micheler


Michail Avramov


Lucia Morvayova

Customer support

Markus Mayrhofer

Markus Mayrhofer

Customer suppoort

Wolfgang Reider

Wolfgang Reider

Customer suppoort

Sarah Stocker

Customer support

Luca Stöger


Reinhard Grübler

Partner Management

Christof Stocker

Strategic business development

Katharina Haak

Marketing Management

Christoph Baumgartner

Christoph Farbmacher


Stephan Pichler

Hardware Development

PowUnity stands for POWerful CommUNITY.

And it grows with you!
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