Track your bike

GPS Tracker for active & invisible anti-theft protection.

Simple installation

Your GPS tracker is easy to install and quickly ready for use.

App with alarm

You will receive an alarm as soon as your e-bike is moved.

This is how PowUnity works

Shopping, installing, switching on – cycling safely!

Thousands of e-bike riders are already using the innovative BikeTrax GPS Tracker from PowUnity. We explain how the GPS system works and give an insight into the technology. You will find out which features you can use and clarify costs and conditions.

E-Bike GPS Tracker Montage - PowUnity BikeTrax

1. GPS assembly

Simple & safe installation

The GPS tracker is simply installed in the engine compartment of your bike & coupled with the e-bike battery.

GPS App PowUnity BikeTrax - GPS Tracking via Smartphone

2. GPS App

Download & install the app

The real-time monitoring always shows you where your e-bike is currently located via the app.

GPS-Tracker Aktivierung - PowUnity BikeTrax

3. GPS activation

Connect & activate e-bike

Simply register & pair your smartphone with your e-bike. Your e-bike is now secured!

Functionality & features


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#GPS #Tracker for #Ebike ✚ Co. ▷ #Biketrax GPS theft protection from #PowUnity ➥

  • Your e-bike is actively protected against theft ✅
  • Installation in your e-bike is easy & safe ✅
  • The real-time monitoring app is free ✅
  • Desktop multi-tracking of multiple bikes possible ✅
  • Immediate theft alarm in the event of unauthorized movement ✅
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The GPS tracker principle is based on the GEO data determination (location determination) of the GPS transmitter. The transmitter is installed in a small device and is invisibly mounted on the object (e-bike, motorcycle, boat, valuable object, etc.) and connected to an existing power source.

GPS tracker selection


The BikeTrax GPS theft protection from PowUnity comes to you with a built-in SIM card. All you need to do is activate the SIM card and the GPS tracker is active. The best: In the 1st year, PowUnity pays the SIM costs of € 3.95 per month. Then you can activate or deactivate the SIM monthly.

E-Bike GPS Tracker

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