Have you met César?

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¡Hola amigo!

We are happy to present our new team member at PowUnity: César Bernardini.

César Bernardini Portrait

Welcome on board, César!

Reading his name, you may already expect that César comes from an international background. You are right – he’s from Córdoba in Argentina! This city is the birthplace of ‘el cuarteto’, an upbeat musical genre that César would be happy to show you.

Cuarteto at night, computers by day

César is a researcher in computer science and an expert in networks, security and machine learning. After his studies in Córdoba he left Argentina to work as a scientist in France and then Italy for several years. He completed his PhD at Inria in France and worked as a postdoctoral researcher at the University of Trento in Italy.

Love at first sight

“I should definitely live in Innsbruck,” César once said while visiting the capital of Tyrol with some friends. The moment he found himself completely surrounded by mountains for the first time was unforgettable! At the time, he didn’t think that his dream of living in Innsbruck would come true – but now it has.

€60 skis from China and a self-destruct mode

“I love the tradition, the culture, the folk music and all the possibilities you have when it comes to sports!” César is not only a bright researcher but also an active sportsman. Hard to believe that he bought his first pair of skis online from China for about €60. What’s even harder to believe is that he’s still using them!

César told us about the first day he learned to ski. Some French friends took him to a slope without providing any instruction. “For the next eight hours I was in something like a self-destruct mode, skiing straight forward and crashing, getting up then switching direction until I crashed again.”

Other beginners would’ve hired a ski instructor or left the slope with no skis and a lot of stress. Not César! Self-learner that he is, he watched some how-to-ski tutorials on YouTube and eventually got the hang of it.

Tow men sitting in front of their smartphones doing business and having fun.

Max and César: successful work comes together with sports, skiing and fun.

“A talkative, crazy dreamer.”

That’s how César describes himself, tongue-in-cheek. But when it comes to business he is focused – he enjoys scientific and theoretical problems and wants to transfer knowledge into applications. He aims to solve each technological problem in a way that creates a useful product for end users.

And that’s exactly what he does at PowUnity: César brings us a lot of scientific knowledge and can think deeply into problems, developing cutting-edge technologies for innovative products. One such technology is motion tracking. NeverLose is already capable of recognizing some movements. César has ideas to expand this, so that NeverLose could recognize specific patterns of movement while skiing or cycling.

International flair at the office

Founded in Sweden, located in Innsbruck, team members from Austria, Slovenia and South America – we like the international spirit at PowUnity. Now that we have an Argentinian on board, things got even more diversified. Not only because César brings a lot of knowledge from abroad, it’s also great fun to listen to traditional Argentinian music during lunch break!

In terms of music, here is another fun fact: César’s favorite Austrian song is ‘Anton aus Tirol’. We haven’t had the time to show him some really traditional Austrian music yet but no worries – we will get to that. 😉

¡Bienvenido César!