One of the co-founders of PowUnity recently became a daddy! Chris, girlfriend Alex, and newborn daughter Lisa Marie are all doing fine in Innsbruck, Austria. But some friends and co-workers currently testing the NeverLose devices in New Zealand wanted to celebrate.

Trees are a symbol of life, fertility and growth in many different cultures all around the world. Because of these positive attributes, the team in New Zealand came up with an appropriate gift idea. After looking up the nearest garden centre, they bought a Pine Alberta and planted it for the newest member of the PowUnity community, Lisa Marie.

After that, PowUnity sent the coordinates of the tree’s location to Chris and his family so that they  can visit the tree when Lisa Marie is bigger. The owners of the land where the tree was planted promised to look after it until then.

The team in New Zealand hopes that this tree stays healthy and grows tall. More than that, they wish little Lisa Marie a healthy, happy and fulfilled life.