PowUnity’s Heliskiing Trip in Lech/Arlberg

PowUnity’s Heliskiing Trip in Lech/Austria

Do you remember our post last October called ‘Win: Free Heliskiing Trip and NeverLose Packages’? Maybe you even participated in the draw to win PowUnity’s Heliskiing Trip? Well, the lucky person who won was Friedrich Kopp from Germany. Congratulations!

Finally, the day arrived: on March 13, 2016 the weather forecast was great, heavy snowfalls the days before – probably the best conditions this season.

Ready for the adventure?

Therefore, PowUnity chose Lech am Arlberg (Austria) for the Heliski adventure. Lech is definitely one of the best places in Austria when it comes to big mountain skiing. And the guides from Alpincenter Lech are extremely experienced mountaineers. Everything was set for an epic day in the mountains.

PowUnity's Heliskiing Trip: Helicopter and excited winner Friedrich Kopp.

PowUnity’s Heliskiing Trip in Lech/Arlberg: winner Friedrich is excited.

The winner of the draw, Friedrich, was allowed to bring a friend along. Therefore the team consisted of Friedrich and his buddy Florian; Stefan, one of the founders of PowUnity; and mountain guide Michael, with professional experience from 17 winter seasons in Lech.

Friedrich and Florian are park rats, they told us, but it turned out they are pretty solid off-piste freeskiers too. Better check out the pictures and videos to see for yourself.

PowUnity's Heliskiing Trip: Freerider enjoying the powdery slope.

PowUnity’s Heliskiing Trip: amazing conditions to enjoy the ride!

Take a chance!

Next time PowUnity announces a draw for a free Heliskiing Trip you should consider entering, chances aren’t too bad that you will be the next one joining us. Anyway, don’t forget to use your NeverLose devices on powdery slopes. They may save your day.