Finally the summer arrived also in Sweden. The Swedes usually say that summer is the best day of the year. We from PowUnity are more exited of the fact that we count 14 days only until we fly to the southern hemisphere, more precisely to New Zealand, to go skiing. We have been very busy with further product development during the past weeks and months since the ISPO in Munich. During this time we have been able to advance NeverLose even more and get the device on a technical level that deeply satisfies us. Equipped with a bag full of products ready to be tested we are now well prepared to depart for Queenstown, New Zealand.

The past year showed us that dedication and hard work pays off. It started with a personal need, developed to an idea and finally turned into a project that fulfills everyone attached to PowUnity with excitement and joy. We are very happy that you are becoming part of this journey too by reading this blog as well as following us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter and sharing YOUR stories and pictures with us also.

Are you going to be in NZ during the next months? Let us know and join us for some powder turns!