PowUnity’s Heliskiing Trip in Lech/Arlberg

PowUnity’s Heliskiing Trip in Lech/Austria

Do you remember our post last October called ‘Win: Free Heliskiing Trip and NeverLose Packages’? Maybe you even participated in the draw to win PowUnity’s Heliskiing Trip? Well, the lucky person who won was Friedrich Kopp from Germany. Congratulations!

Finally, the day arrived: on March 13, 2016 the weather forecast was great, heavy snowfalls the days before – probably the best conditions this season.

Ready for the adventure?

Therefore, PowUnity chose Lech am Arlberg (Austria) for the Heliski adventure. Lech is definitely one of the best places in Austria when it comes to big mountain skiing. And the guides from Alpincenter Lech are extremely experienced mountaineers. Everything was set for an epic day in the mountains.

PowUnity's Heliskiing Trip: Helicopter and excited winner Friedrich Kopp.

PowUnity’s Heliskiing Trip in Lech/Arlberg: winner Friedrich is excited.

The winner of the draw, Friedrich, was allowed to bring a friend along. Therefore the team consisted of Friedrich and his buddy Florian; Stefan, one of the founders of PowUnity; and mountain guide Michael, with professional experience from 17 winter seasons in Lech.

Friedrich and Florian are park rats, they told us, but it turned out they are pretty solid off-piste freeskiers too. Better check out the pictures and videos to see for yourself.

PowUnity's Heliskiing Trip: Freerider enjoying the powdery slope.

PowUnity’s Heliskiing Trip: amazing conditions to enjoy the ride!

Take a chance!

Next time PowUnity announces a draw for a free Heliskiing Trip you should consider entering, chances aren’t too bad that you will be the next one joining us. Anyway, don’t forget to use your NeverLose devices on powdery slopes. They may save your day.

PowUnity is hiring!

Are you looking for…

-A work environment that can unfold your true potential?
-A team where the word ‘We’ comes before ‘I’?
-A start-up with a passion that turns hard work into pleasure?

Then you should have a look at our posted job positions or write us an open application!


The excitement of building something from scratch. The ability to actively influence the course of a venture. Heading into the future with us will unfold your capacities to their greatest extent.

Less than two years ago we started with a vision: Making sports safer, more convenient and pleasurable for fellow sport enthusiasts. After spending a year in Sweden to accelerate product development, we finally moved to Innsbruck, Austria, in the heart of the Alps.

PowUnity’s first product NeverLose exceeded all expectations and now it’s time for us to take the next step: Hiring more A-players who are excited about building great products and a new brand together.

Innsbruck is the perfect environment for PowUnity to create, achieve and get inspired. It is not a must, but an advantage if you are an avid freeskier, snowboarder or general sports enthusiast. However, if you know your trade and work well in a team (though not a daredevil freeskier), then you are of course as much welcome to apply.

Let’s not let geography get in the way – if you are coming from abroad, then we will do our very best to make your move to Innsbruck, Austria as smooth as possible. We’re confident that within days you will be in love with this city and its surroundings as much as we are.

We look forward to receiving your application and hopefully getting to know you personally very soon.


Matadorworld – Our local hero

It’s PowUnity’s first year in business and while we work 24/7 to make NeverLose the best device on the market, it’s the top-notch sport shops (for now mainly in Austria and Switzerland) who do their best to introduce this new piece of technology to you. Matadorworld in the city center of Innsbruck is one of them. Just recently we dropped by for our morning coffee at the Matador shop (Innsbruck is also PowUnity’s home base). While having a good chat with Fritz, the owner of Matadorworld Innsbruck, we convinced him to give a short interview in front of the camera.

Matadorworld is located in the very center of Innsbruck on Anichstraße. Though small, the shop has a focus on brands that stand for high quality, even if they are sometimes not so well-known. Picture Organic Clothing (France), Kask of Sweden (Sweden), Mons Royal (New Zealand), EVOC (Germany) as some examples. They also have their own brand, Matador, and produce apparel. We at PowUnity are very happy to have NeverLose as part of this selection too.

What we, and also Fritz, like a lot about Innsbruck is the closeness to the mountains. You can buy your goggles at Matadorworld, walk five minutes, take the gondola up to Seegrube and ski down the mountain with a great view over the city. Later in the day you can enjoy a coffee or beer back in the city center still in your ski outfit. No one will look at you strangely because that’s very common here – walking around with your ski equipment while others are in their fancy suits or urban outfits.

Next time you are in Innsbruck feel free to drop by Matador (Anichstraße, very close to Maria-Theresien-Straße). Fritz and his team will be happy to welcome you and share some insider information about winter sports in the Tyrol region. If you stay more than 5 minutes then it’s likely that they may offer you a coffee or Radler (an Austrian shandy made from beer and sparkling lemonade). And if you haven’t gotten a NeverLose yet then Matador is the place to go, they still have some NeverLose Freeride Packages left.

NeverLose: Sold out!

We’ve been getting a lot of emails every day with people asking us when they’ll be able to order NeverLose again. With huge amounts of snow finally arriving in the European Alps, the demand for NeverLose has risen exponentially and PowUnity is challenged to keep up with production.

In addition, the number of pre-orders placed is already considerably high. This is the main reason why over the past week you read ‘Sold Out’ on our online store. We are doing our very best to ramp up production as soon as possible. However, we are limited by the quantity of components our subcontractors ship to us.

We knew that the demand for NeverLose would be very high, but we couldn’t imagine that two weeks after opening our online store we would be sold out. This marks the second big success for NeverLose after our successful crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo ($30,000 USD within less than one week). On one hand, this result makes us very happy but of course we also want to complete shipments to all those sport enthusiasts desperately in need of a NeverLose.

Thank you for your patience and feel free to sign up for our newsletter to be one of the first to know when NeverLose is available again. Additionally, you can go to our store locator and find out if there is a nearby retailer who still has a NeverLose Freeride Package left for you.

Skiing in fresh powder

It has been more than a year and a half since Grega and Stefan met for the first time. Soon after they began the development of the first NeverLose device. They have been incredibly focused on the launch of this product and strengthening the brand PowUnity.

The blanket of snow which fell this past weekend offered them an ideal opportunity to take a break from the logistics and reconnect with the underlying passion which brought them together to develop this product in the first place: skiing in fresh powder. In good company and well-equipped with their NeverLose devices they hit the slopes at a nearby resort. If only Christian and the other crew could join them!

Win: FREE Heliskiing Trip and NeverLose Packages

Every freeski and snowboard enthusiast dreams of going heliskiing at least once in their lifetime. The PowUnity team sure feels gravitated toward these adventures.

Austria is a haven for many winter sports but not many realize that here you can also go heliskiing. There are some incredible places in and around Austria where you can go up the mountain in a helicopter and down through fresh powder with a big smile in your face.

St. Anton am Arlberg, Austria, and Livigno, Italy are two examples.

The PowUnity team wants your help getting into this winter season, because it’s been a long time coming. We’re giving away a free heliskiing trip for 2, plus two NeverLose Freeride Packages for your ride down.

Subscribe with your email address on our contest page and you’ve submitted an entry in the heliskiing draw, taking place on November 8th 2015 at 8pm (GMT 2+). Good luck!

Contest page: http://bit.ly/Heliski-PowUnity

Dom Channon is the man

The best moments would be worth little if they couldn’t be shared with someone else. This is known amongst members of PowUnity – the powerful community. A great way to share moments, besides actual experiences, are pictures. Without a good photographer, the best moments would not look as exciting as they actually are.

Let us introduce Dom Channon. Dom accompanied us with his camera during our past few months shredding the winter away in New Zealand. We’ve been incredibly happy to share our adventures with this talented New Zealand-born photographer. In addition to a good eye for details, he’s got a great personality to match.

That’s why we’re dedicating this whole blog article to him. Besides all his other talents, he is an exceptional athlete. Dom, we wish you all the best for your upcoming 60k ultra-marathon and we’re looking forward to more adventures with you.

Picture below, taken by Dom Channon:

Skiing and Snowboarding is a team sport. You take care of each other. You shred the mountain with your friends, dropping in alongside each other only if the situation really allows it. You shout out loud and share the adrenaline rush across vast expanses of pristine beauty. It’s that white, untouched blanket that fascinates you so much. For a short time you feel like you’re in heaven and you forget everything else. It is just you, your friends and absolute happiness and fulfillment.

It’s dumping buckets of snow in Wanaka!

Heaps of fresh powder make the current winter season in New Zealand a pleasant one. Last week our PowUnity team in Kiwiland did a film shoot in the Treble Cone region, close to Wanaka.

They couldn’t have found better views and snow conditions. Plus our athletes pushed their limits for the camera, filled with adrenaline from feeling that downhill rush.

PowUnity was rewarded with some stunning captures. We’re pretty excited to show them off to you folks in the near future. In the meantime, we’ll sate you with a short GoPro clip from a ride last Tuesday.

Welcome Lisa Marie!

One of the co-founders of PowUnity recently became a daddy! Chris, girlfriend Alex, and newborn daughter Lisa Marie are all doing fine in Innsbruck, Austria. But some friends and co-workers currently testing the NeverLose devices in New Zealand wanted to celebrate.

Trees are a symbol of life, fertility and growth in many different cultures all around the world. Because of these positive attributes, the team in New Zealand came up with an appropriate gift idea. After looking up the nearest garden centre, they bought a Pine Alberta and planted it for the newest member of the PowUnity community, Lisa Marie.

After that, PowUnity sent the coordinates of the tree’s location to Chris and his family so that they  can visit the tree when Lisa Marie is bigger. The owners of the land where the tree was planted promised to look after it until then.

The team in New Zealand hopes that this tree stays healthy and grows tall. More than that, they wish little Lisa Marie a healthy, happy and fulfilled life.

Christmas in July

Recently our PowUnity team members in New Zealand received a parcel from Sweden. What was inside the box? A dozen of the latest NeverLose devices which will be tested out over the next few weeks.

It was a little bit of Christmas in July for the recipients who opened the parcel. PowUnity picked it up in Queenstown, a hub for winter sports in the South Island of New Zealand, but they couldn’t wait to get back to the ski fields to open it.

Pedestrians looked on in bemused curiosity when the Kiwi test team got visibly excited as they opened the box in a public square. Thanks to a careful bubble wrap job, all NeverLose devices arrived on the other side of the planet in perfect working order.

July in the southern hemisphere can indeed give one a little bit of that Christmas feeling.