Remote theft protection

When in Guard mode the NeverLose device will emit a specific alarm which stops when it detects no further movement or if the owner disarms the device from their app. An accelerometer built into each NeverLose alarm detects prolonged movement to prevent unauthorized access. The automatic ‘on/off’ feature frees the owner from being within audible range of their gear and the alarm is loud enough to attract attention from far away.

Bluetooth Smart communication

NeverLose uses Bluetooth Smart version 4.1 as the standard connection between the smartphone app and the alarm devices. In Ski Finder mode, all components are in constant connection. If communication breaks with one or both skis, Ski Finder mode will automatically sound the alarm from the lost equipment.

Drei NeverLose Sensoren mit grünem, schwarzem und rotem Design.

Compact design

The discreet design of NeverLose provides minimal interference and versatile placement choice. The physical alarm component measures in at 8.7 cm long (3.4″), 5.9 cm wide (2.3″) and 1.8 cm high (0.7″). Weighing in at only 35 grams (1.2 oz) without the detachable base plate, the device can be mounted anywhere on the user’s sports gear.

iOS and Android compatible

iOS: iPhone (Released 2011 or later), iPad (Released 2012 or later), iPad Mini iPod Touch, Apple Watch
Android: Android: Samsung Galaxy (S5 or later), Samsung Note (4 or later), Nexus (4 or later), OnePlus (one or later), HTC one (M8 or later), Motorola Moto X, and most Android devices equipped with Android 4.4 (Kitkat) or later and Bluetooth 4.0 or later.

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PowUnity is always pushing NeverLose versatility to new limits.
NeverLose has been certified IPX5 water resistant rating.
This designation signifies that the alarm devices can withstand water propulsion from any direction, as well as melting snow.


NeverLose is a robust device that can absorb strong shocks without suffering integral damage. The outer shell is made from strong plastics. Current versions of the device have been tested to withstand extreme environmental conditions in a weather chamber. In both laboratory and field tests, the alarms have been shown to function correctly after enduring high-magnitude shocks encountered in extreme sports.

Removable Baseplate

NeverLose attaches to base plates and can be easily secured to and removed from your gear with a torx wrench. NeverLose can be switched between multiple pieces of equipment, from skis to a bicycle for example, using extra base plates. Base plates, which are sealed on to your equipment with a durable adhesive backing, are included with each NeverLose device and can be purchased individually. Device upgrades can be easily updated.

PowUnity Logo

NeverLose combines minimalistic design with practicality. The durable outer shell of the alarm has a matte finish and is marked with the PowUnity incorporated logo. NeverLose can be proudly attached to sports gear. NeverLose customers are a part of PowUnity – the powerful community.

How to install NeverLose

Mounting is so simple, it takes less than a minute! First you attach the baseplate to your skis or snowboard with an adhesive tape, provided in your NeverLose kit. Then you screw the alarm device onto the baseplate with a torx wrench. Once activating NeverLose through a downloadable app on your smartphone (available from the Apple Store and Google Play) you are ready to go!


Attach baseplate with an adhesive tape.


Mount NeverLose with screws on the baseplate.


Activate it with your smartphone (iOS/Android).


Secured sports equipment.

NeverLose Features

Sounds-based search (96dB).

Versatile (for skis, bikes and other sports equipment).

Unlimited range.

Long battery life (up to 200h in the standby mode).

Compact design (35g without the baseplate).

Waterproof (withstand water propulsion from any direction).

Shock resistant.

2 in 1 technology (guard and search mode).

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