We are pleased to receive so much positive and valuable feedback, to hear new ideas and feel the support we have from all of you. Recently, there were a few articles written about PowUnity and NeverLose. We are pleased to see our story published in different media and therefore make our Community even stronger.

For all of you who understand German, you can read more about us on the homepage of the famous Skiing Mag: Skiing.de – http://bit.ly/SkiingDE

As well as on powderguide.com: http://bit.ly/powderguide-powunity

Wildsnow.com, an extremely interesting blog for backcountry skiers, published and article about PowUnity in English: https://www.wildsnow.com/15761/ski-tracer-atomic-finder-powder/

And for those of you who understand Slovenian, please check out:

Startaj.si – http://bit.ly/StartajSI

Netokracija.si – http://bit.ly/1AJaYfc

Mladipodjetnik.si http://bit.ly/1Cojbnd

To share our enthusiasm with all of you and keep you all updated, follow us on our Facebook page: facebook.com/powunity