It’s PowUnity’s first year in business and while we work 24/7 to make NeverLose the best device on the market, it’s the top-notch sport shops (for now mainly in Austria and Switzerland) who do their best to introduce this new piece of technology to you. Matadorworld in the city center of Innsbruck is one of them. Just recently we dropped by for our morning coffee at the Matador shop (Innsbruck is also PowUnity’s home base). While having a good chat with Fritz, the owner of Matadorworld Innsbruck, we convinced him to give a short interview in front of the camera.

Matadorworld is located in the very center of Innsbruck on Anichstraße. Though small, the shop has a focus on brands that stand for high quality, even if they are sometimes not so well-known. Picture Organic Clothing (France), Kask of Sweden (Sweden), Mons Royal (New Zealand), EVOC (Germany) as some examples. They also have their own brand, Matador, and produce apparel. We at PowUnity are very happy to have NeverLose as part of this selection too.

What we, and also Fritz, like a lot about Innsbruck is the closeness to the mountains. You can buy your goggles at Matadorworld, walk five minutes, take the gondola up to Seegrube and ski down the mountain with a great view over the city. Later in the day you can enjoy a coffee or beer back in the city center still in your ski outfit. No one will look at you strangely because that’s very common here – walking around with your ski equipment while others are in their fancy suits or urban outfits.

Next time you are in Innsbruck feel free to drop by Matador (Anichstraße, very close to Maria-Theresien-Straße). Fritz and his team will be happy to welcome you and share some insider information about winter sports in the Tyrol region. If you stay more than 5 minutes then it’s likely that they may offer you a coffee or Radler (an Austrian shandy made from beer and sparkling lemonade). And if you haven’t gotten a NeverLose yet then Matador is the place to go, they still have some NeverLose Freeride Packages left.