We have something against Bicycle Thieves

When a stolen e-bike is returned to its owner it is the best proof for us at PowUnity that our product does a good deed. We became aware of this ever since we were present during a police raid in Vienna in 2018, when a stolen e-bike was recovered thanks to BikeTrax.

We are growing – with you?

Become part of the PowUnity Team. We are looking for capable, motivated people to help us rethink the bicycle branch. Whether you come from the world of Software and Hardware Development, Quality Management, Marketing and Sales or Graphics and Photography, send us an application. If you are also a cycling or skiing enthusiast, you’ve hit the jackpot!

Current Job Offers

PowUnity Team

Stefan Sinnegger

Founder, CEO, Sales, Marketing

Christian Strassl

Founder, CEO, Hardware Development, Production

Maximilian Loy

Founder, Hardware and Software Development

Anita Saurwein


Maria Krabacher


Janine Riedmüller

Order Processing

Thomas Eder


Christoph Bachmann


Roland Micheler


Michail Avramov


Lucia Morvayova

Customer support

Sarah Stocker

Customer support

Daniel Juen

Technical customer support

Stefan Kraxner


Reinhard Grübler

Partner management

Christof Stocker

Strategic Corporate Development

Katharina Haak

Marketing Management

Christoph Baumgartner

Christoph Baumgartner


Stefan Pichler

Hardware Development

Stefan Kaufmann

Process Optimization

PowUnity Erfahrung

Eine Erfolgsstory jagt die nächste

Hamburg, Kopenhagen, Wien, Innsbruck – der E-Bike GPS-Tracker BikeTrax sorgt europaweit für eine Erfolgsstory nach der anderen. Überzeug dich von der PowUnity Erfahrung!

Zu den Erfolgsstories
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E-Bike Theft Protection BikeTrax: Excellent.

Design & Innovation Award 2020

PowUnity does not only convince customers and partners, but also an international jury of experts. BikeTrax has been honoured with the "Equipment & Accessories" category of the Design & Innovation Award. This seal of quality is the most prestigious award in the world of cycling.

German Design Award 2021

The BikeTrax GPS tracker and its smartphone app won the "Excellent Product Design" category for the German Design Award 2021.

PowUnity stands for “POWerful commUNITY”

Our POWerful CommUNITY is big! And all of us have at least one thing in common: We have something against bicycle thieves. You too? Then follow us on Social Media and support us in protecting even more E-bikes!

PowUnity @ EUROBIKE 2021

Trade shows and PowUnity ist like meeting with the family or old friends. But also new faces come to the booth, tell us that they like the product, and become new customers and partners. In several conversations and meeting we feel that e-bike retailors, fleet operators, and e-bike manufacturer are keen to invest in such a technology like the BikeTrax IoT System.

PowUnity @ Wings for Life Run 2021

PowUnity employees, customers and partners joined the global charity campaign for spinal cord research: Running as a "POWerful CommUNITY" for those who can't. Every meter was tracked via an app. Every participation donated.

eBike GPS Tracking
kann so einfach sein!

Du willst live & verlässlich dein Fahrrad gegen Diebstahl sichern? Der PowUnity GPS-Tracker BikeTrax ist smarter als Diebe.

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