Bicycle Thefts uncovered, movie-like Car Chases
and Happy Endings

Our customers' PowUnity experiences are our favorite feedback: the PowUnity BikeTrax GPS tracker makes e-bike owners and dealers feel safe for a reason: on average, BikeTrax lands three hits per week: it prevents thefts or uncovers them in a cinematic way and returns stolen e-bikes to their owners. The best success stories for you!

E-bike thief with rental bike desperately on the run

Four e-bikes stolen from private garage

GPS tracker stops organized e-bike theft

Police make e-bike thief despair

E-bike thief caught via tracking software

Theft off the underground parking lot in Bonn

Brazen bike thieves in Innsbruck

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Interesting facts about GPS Tracking, bicycle security and more

How does a satellite-based GPS system work? What is 2G technology? Which bicycle lock is the best? We are well-versed in all of these topics, and we'll help you become an expert too!

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eBike GPS Tracking
can be that easy!

You want to secure your bike live & reliably against theft? The PowUnity GPS tracker BikeTrax is smarter than thieves.

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