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Interesting Facts about GPS Technologies, BikeTrax Hits, Statements by the Public: these are PowUnity Topics

“PowUnity explains” gives you first-hand tips and expert knowledge on the subject of bicycle security. Our PowUnity Experience tells you about some selected success stories with our BikeTrax GPS tracker. There are also exciting newspaper, radio and TV reports about PowUnity and BikeTrax from the media world.

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Interesting facts about GPS Tracking, bicycle security and more

How does a satellite-based GPS system work? What is 2G technology? Which bicycle lock is the best? We are well-versed in all of these topics, and we'll help you become an expert too!

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PowUnity Experience

One success story hot on the heels of the next

Hamburg, Copenhagen, Vienna, Innsbruck – the e-bike GPS tracker, BikeTrax, is generating one success story after another, all across Europe. Try out the PowUnity experience for yourself!

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PowUnity – How it all began

5 Jahre BikeTrax by PowUnity

BikeTrax 2020: 5 Years of PowUnity Theft Protection

After working in the field of theft protection for five years, PowUnity's three founders, Stefan Sinnegger, Christian Strassl and Maximilian Loy, have a lot to look back on – their first business idea, raids on residences in search of stolen e-bikes and the future prospects of the "connected bike" system for e-bike manufacturers.

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E-Bike Theft Protection BikeTrax: Excellent.

Design & Innovation Award 2020

PowUnity does not only convince customers and partners, but also an international jury of experts. BikeTrax has been honoured with the "Equipment & Accessories" category of the Design & Innovation Award. This seal of quality is the most prestigious award in the world of cycling.

German Design Award 2021

The BikeTrax GPS tracker and its smartphone app won the "Excellent Product Design" category for the German Design Award 2021.

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You want to secure your bike live and reliably against theft? The PowUnity GPS tracker BikeTrax is smarter than thieves.

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