Motion alarm in the middle of the night

One Saturday night, some sneaky individuals stole an electric bike belonging to an enthusiastic e-biker from Bonn. The bike was in a locked underground car park. When the PowUnity app’s motion alarm went off in the middle of the night, the owner from North Rhine-Westphalia wasted no time in letting the police know. The e-bike was retrieved in just 30 minutes – another BikeTrax hit.

“We were astounded by how accurately the destination and location were recorded,” said the police officers and the owner of the bike. The suspects were just as surprised, as the last thing they expected was for the police to show up. But the thieves neither resisted, nor did they try to flee. When the stolen e-bike was retrieved, another one could be confiscated at the same time – however, it was not equipped with a GPS tracker.

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