Crime Scene Vienna: Liberation Blow for BikeTrax

Saturday afternoon in Vienna. Stefan Sinnegger, CEO of PowUnity, happens to be in town. His cell phone rings. An unknown number appears. Stefan does not yet know that this call will be the liberating blow for PowUnity’s product BikeTrax, the theft protection for e-bikes.

Vienna, Schwarzspanierstaße – this is where Stefan Sinnegger meets five criminal investigators. They are standing in front of a multi-story apartment building, discussing what to do. The father of an 18-year-old student called him earlier and reported his daughter’s e-bike stolen. But the e-bike also had the BikeTrax GPS tracker installed. And with the help of this tracker, Stefan just saw the live location of the bike in the PowUnity app on his cell phone.

Arriving at the perpetrator’s apartment, the group encountered a behaviorally challenged apartment dweller. When the PowUnity app’s motion alarm sounded in the middle of the conversation at the apartment door, it was unmistakably clear: The stolen e-bike was in this apartment. One of the perpetrators must have moved it at that very second to hide it from the police. Bad luck for him – the alarm is triggered from an unauthorized movement of one meter if the lock symbol of the app is activated.

The operation was successful: The police found four e-bikes in the apartment, including the 18-year-old’s bike. They were able to arrest four suspect e-bike thefts, aged between 19 and 32.


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