The Moofer app – how good is the alternative to the VanMoof app?

Smart, smarter, Moofer? According to the independent developer of the popular e-bike app, you can only exploit the full potential of your VanMoof bike with the Moofer app. In this article, we will take a look at what Moofer can really do, what that means for you as a user and where the app reaches its limits.

Moofer-App zum VanMoof E-Bike

About the Moofer app in a nutshell:

  • The e-bike app Moofer comes from the independent software and hardware developer Adema and is an alternative to the VanMoof app. Moofer is compatible with all VanMoof e-bikes.
  • The most important functions of the Moofer app: You can switch manually via the app. When the battery is empty, the stranded mode automatically switches to manual shifting. In contrast to the VanMoof app, you can navigate with the Moofer app. The Smart Speed function automatically selects a support mode based on your average speed.
  • Moofer has an additional support level – it is similar to the speed of the boost button on the VanMoof bike.
  • The Moofer app has a tuning function. You can change the region your bike is in to make the motor perform up to a speed of 37 km/h instead of 25 km/h.
  • The only drawback is that the Moofer app has no anti-theft function. For this, you should better use the GPS tracker BikeTrax from PowUnity. You will receive an alarm as soon as your e-bike is moved without permission.

Anyone who has read our overview article “How to find the best e-bike app for your needs” and one or two of our app reviews knows that good e-bike apps are rare. One notable exception is the VanMoof app. Although it also has weaknesses, it convinces with useful features and reliability.

Nevertheless, many VanMoof riders swear by another great app, even though it is only available for a fee. It is the Moofer app, at which we took a closer look.

What is Moofer?

The e-bike app Moofer comes from the independent software and hardware developer Adema Group from the Netherlands. Since its first release, it has enjoyed great popularity among owners of a VanMoof e-bike.

You can currently download Moofer from the AppStore and GooglePlay for 11.99 euros. To use the app, you still have to register. Moofer also has its own website including a privacy policy.

The Moofer app has a considerable range of functions, but professional anti-theft protection is missing.

The app features of Moofer at a glance

One thing is for sure: you won’t get bored with Moofer. The app is characterised by an impressive range of functions, which is regularly supplemented with new options.

Currently, the following features stand out:

In addition to these features, Moofer also offers various gimmicks. For example, you can choose your own bell sound from a range of alternative ringtones and bring “rowdies” to their senses with a ship’s horn. Not necessary, but so much fun. The app’s dashboard shows you important data and settings (including worldwide interactive leaderboards and cloud synced rides), also in the “eye-friendly” dark mode if desired.

How does Moofer work in practice?

The short answer is: Pretty well. This is shown by the positive reviews of the app. Especially functions like manual gear shifting or the continuous boost button are met with enthusiasm by many riders. But Adema Group has also hit a nerve with the Low Battery Alert or Smart Speed.

Connection problems seem to occur primarily on Android devices and disabling battery optimizations of the smartphone is often necessary. Moreover, the new update is still pending (October 2022), which Apple users have been looking forward to for some time.

There is also a downer: Moofer puts a heavy load on the battery of smartphones. So pack a power bank in your backpack for longer trips.

Excursus: Why tuning is not a smart idea

E-bike tuning holds great appeal for many riders. Software like Moofer makes it easy to circumvent speed limit. Simply make a few adjustments and you can ride to work at 37 km/h instead of 25 km/h.

But you may pay a high price for this pleasure. If you are stopped by the police, you will have to pay a hefty fine. If you cause an accident with a tuned e-bike, you are liable with your private assets. In the worst case, you could be even sentenced to prison.

Apart from that, e-bike tuning increases wear and tear and the risk that stricter requirements for e-bike riders will be introduced. These are the two possible reasons why VanMoof is giving Moofer a run for its money with new firmware.

Theft protection and route tracking for your VanMoof – the PowUnity app

If you drive a VanMoof, you have a good choice of apps. With the official app of the manufacturer and Moofer, there are two convincing applications available.

But there is one thing neither of them offers: efficient theft protection for your e-bike. The Moofer app has no anti-theft functions at all. This is where the VanMoof app tries harder. On the one hand, you can lock and unlock your e-bike with this app, and on the other hand, it is possible to track your e-bike using Apple’s Find My network. Unfortunately, the latter is based on the crowd GPS, which we have already explained in the article of the same name and in the Apple AirTag post. Thanks to crowd GPS, items are only located if they are near another person with a Find My app. This also only works at a short distance of maximum 30 metres and as a snapshot. Finding an e-bike without independent, real GPS data? Almost impossible.

The PowUnity app is different. In combination with the BikeTrax GPS tracker, it provides you with cutting-edge theft protection with real-time tracking:

Anders die PowUnity App. In Kombination mit dem GPS Tracker BikeTrax liefert sie dir einen topaktuellen Diebstahlschutz mit Echtzeitverfolgung:

  • First, the GPS tracker is invisibly mounted inside your e-bike motor. It sends a current location to the PowUnity app every 10 seconds.
  • If someone tries to tamper with your e-bike, the PowUnity app immediately alerts you on your smartphone.
  • If you react too late to prevent the theft, you have an excellent chance of getting your e-bike back. This is because with our GPS tracker and the PowUnity app, you can track the real-time location of your e-bike throughout Europe and send it directly to the police via the app.
  • In addition, the PowUnity app automatically records all your routes without you having to do anything. You can even export the recordings to Strava or Komoot.

From 2023, you will be able to access previously inaccessible features of the PowUnity app. Then you will be able to use it as a display, view speed and performance data and plan maintenance directly via the app. All of this will work in the same way as it does now – across all manufacturers. So it doesn’t matter which e-bike you ride.

And to e-bike manufacturers who cooperate with PowUnity, we offer a white label solution of the PowUnity app.

Conclusion on Moofer – interesting alternative

Since the latest firmware updates by VanMoof, Moofer has lost two of its most popular features. Nevertheless, the app remains a strong alternative to the manufacturer’s version. After all, it offers you a number of valuable additional functions at a fair price. If you want to tap the full potential of your VanMoof e-bike, Moofer is indeed a good option.

For more independence, highly effective anti-theft protection, route tracking and more, you should consider the PowUnity app and take your e-bike experience to the next level.

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