GPS Tracker for Yamaha

BikeTrax: GPS Tracker E-Bike Yamaha

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Free data transmission in the 1st year!
After that 39,50 € in annual subscription or 3,95 € in monthly subscription.

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„I think the tracker is pure genius. Everything is already integrated and ready to go. Easy installation, easy to use, error-free functioning.“ – Markus, Vit:bikes, Munich

BikeTrax GPS theft protection > We have developed the optimal interface for your Yamaha motor.

Do you have to remove the crank from your motor in order to install BikeTrax?

Kurbelabzieher für Fahrräder

Crank puller for E-Bikes

Universal crank puller for 8mm Allen key

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plus shipping

You want to seal your pedal crank to protect your engine compartment?

Hexlox Key

8mm HexLox Security Screw

The HexLox blocks access into the Allen screw of the pedal crank

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plus shipping

The accessories are added once to your purchase. You can change the number in the next step.

    GPS Tracker E-Bike Yamaha:
    Best Yamaha GPS Tracker

    yamaha motor wird am skidplate geöffnet

    The PowUnity BikeTrax GPS tracker for Yamaha e-bikes is specially designed for installation in e-bikes with Yamaha motors. During the development of the Yamaha GPS Tracker, we took the special demands and security requirements of Yamaha e-bikes into account, to fully guarantee secure, faultless operation of the Yamaha GPS Tracker.

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    Included in the E-Bike Yamaha GPS Tracker Set

    GPS-Tracker E-Bike Yamaha

    Can the GPS tracker be fitted to every e-bike with a Yamaha motor?

    Für alle E-Bike Hersteller, die einen Yamaha Motor verbaut haben, gibt es den einheitlichen Yamaha BikeTrax-Anschluss. Für Giant E-Bikes mit Yamaha Motor wird es einen speziellen Yamaha-Anschluss geben. Der GPS-Tracker „Yamaha für Giant E-Bike“ wird bald im Online-Shop verfügbar sein.

    Do I need special tools to fit the Yamaha GPS tracker?

    On some e-bikes, the cable cover of the motor housing encloses the crank completely.

    In this case, the crank (2) has to be removed before you can open the cable cover (1) of your Shimano motor. You therefore need a crank puller (3) in order to install your Shimano GPS tracker. If you need a crank puller, you can order one from us directly, when placing your order, by selecting it from the options above.

    Apart from the crank puller, you do not need any special tools.

    How do I install the GPS tracker into my e-bike?

    Your GPS tracker for e-bikes with Yamaha motors comes with step-by-step installation instructions that explain how to install your BikeTrax GPS tracker in the Yamaha motor, where to position it and what you should be aware of.

    Can the GPS tracker for e-bikes with a Yamaha motor also be fitted to e-bikes with other motors?

    In most cases, all you need is a different connection cable. You can purchase this from PowUnity later. The entire GPS tracker only needs to be replaced in exceptional cases if the motor is changed.

    Bicycle GPS Tracker Theft Protection:
    This is why you need BikeTrax!

    eBike GPS Tracking
    can be that easy!

    You want to secure your bike live & reliably against theft? The PowUnity GPS tracker BikeTrax is smarter than thieves.

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    PowUnity App: Connects you to the Bicycle's GPS Tracker

    Free data package in the first year!

    Get to know the PowUnity app

    With BikeTrax, we use our positive product experience to counteract theft as a negative thing. The GPS tracker records and protects without you having to do much. It's easy for everyone. In my opinion, the PowUnity app becomes perfect when I can't remove anything anymore, and the user still has everything."

    Maximilian Loy, Co-founder,
    Hardware and Software Development

    E-Bike Theft Protection BikeTrax: Outstanding.

    Design und Innovation Award 2020 geht an PowUnity für den Biketrax GPS-Tracker

    The BikeTrax GPS tracker is outstanding. This is not only confirmed by our customers and partners, but also the jury of the most prestigious award in the cycling world, the Design & Innovation Award, says so. Since 2020, our bicycle theft protection, BikeTrax, bears the crowning seal of quality in the category "Equipment & Accessories".

    At the German Design Award 2021, the GPS tracker BikeTrax, with its smartphone app convinces the jury in the "Excellent Product Design" category.

    Our Customers know:
    PowUnity knows all about Theft Protection.

    I am going to equip both my wife and my neighbour with BikeTrax.

    When my e-bike was stolen, the police and I were both impressed by how successfully the GPS tracker guided us to the suspects. They were so surprised by the sudden appearance of the police that they didn’t even attempt to resist or flee. Besides my bike, they were also able to secure another e-bike that didn't have a tracker. - Ernst Weber, Bonn

    Ernst Weber, Bonn

    Works perfectly in every aspect.

    I will stick to BikeTrax because it has worked flawlessly in every aspect so far. It protects me and my property when I'm out biking with my E-MTB (Enduro-AM) and my family can be assured that nothing has happened to me when I'm on one of my bike tours. - Jürgen Lenz, Austria

    Jürgen Lenz, AT

    The chase could have been part of a movie script.

    I was able to watch everything in real-time via the PowUnity app. The police were already on their way to offer reinforcement.

    Bike-Verleih Sanvit, South Tyrol

    "Because my first e-bike was stolen after just five days, I secured my new bike with BikeTrax. Since then, I've been a lot more relaxed.

    Thomas Steichert, Munich

    "When my bike is parked at home, I have a feeling of security, and with the automatic tracking on tour you also have a record of everything you did!"

    Patrick Neumann, Leverkusen

    BikeTrax takes care of everything, so I no longer have to worry about anything when I’m out riding in the Bergisches Land: I simply leave the recording of the routes and the security to BikeTrax.

    Christian Schrage, Leverkusen

    The e-bike retrieval was very exciting for me. I witnessed the police operation live on the phone. I'm really glad to have my bike back. Thanks to PowUnity, who made the whole thing possible.

    Ralf Jürgen Rögner, Darmstadt

    I am probably one of the first PowUnity customers

    I have owned BikeTrax for 3 years - I am probably one of the first PowUnity customers and I am still very satisfied with the theft protection. The detailed route recording is very practical and the app is clearly laid out. Every now and then I set off a test alarm: it always works perfectly, even in the underground car park.

    Andé Jentzsch, Hamburg

    Kundenmeinung zum BikeTrax GPS-Tracker

    I've been exporting routes from the PowUnity app for a year now and then importing them into the Komoot app.

    Komoot unfortunately consumes a lot of battery when recording. With BikeTrax and the PowUnity app, this is perfectly solved because the recording runs automatically.

    Stephan Goeke, Freudenberg

    Carefree E-Bike Tracking:
    On the safe side with PowUnity’s GPS tracker

    PowUnity Experience

    One success story hot on the heels of the next

    Hamburg, Copenhagen, Vienna, Innsbruck – the e-bike GPS tracker, BikeTrax, is generating one success story after another, all across Europe. Try out the PowUnity experience for yourself!

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    BikeTrax FAQs:
    E-Bike Tracking via GPS

    What is GPS tracking?

    GPS stands for Global Positioning System. A transmitter and a receiver are required in order to locate the position of an object (e.g. a bicycle). The transmitter used is a satellite in space and the receiver is a GPS tracker here on earth.

    GPS satellites transmit their position continuously via radio signals. The GPS tracker on earth receives these radio signals and transforms them into its own positioning data. If the GPS tracker is in a bicycle or e-bike, for example, the positioning data can be transmitted to the owners smartphone, so that he can track the whereabouts of his bike in real time.

    The transmission of the positioning data to an end device (e.g. a smartphone) takes place via a mobile network (such as 2G or LTE), via an intermediate server.

    Find out more about GPS technologies

    What technology does PowUnity use to track e-bikes with BikeTrax?

    BikeTrax by PowUnity is a GPS tracker based on 2G technology. Currently, 2G provides the largest and most stable network coverage, which makes it the best solution for tracking bicycles and e-bikes at this time. Read more about it in our article on GPS tracking technologies.

    Which SIM card is installed in the GPS tracker?

    The GPS Tracker works with an M2M SIM card from the Swedish telecommunications company TELE2. The GPS tracker is optimised for TELE2 and their SIM card, to ensure ideal reception. What's more, a rubber coating ensures that it is 100% waterproof and dust-proof. This makes it impossible to replace the SIM card later.

    Why does the GPS tracker BikeTrax have an additional battery?

    The additional GPS tracker battery ensures that the GPS tracker still transmits or receives, even if the power supply (e.g. e-bike battery) is switched off or removed. It lasts another 14 hours if the e-bike is moved continuously and up to three more weeks on stand-by.

    How do I fit the GPS tracker to my e-bike?

    The installation depends on your e-bike motor. You can choose the GPS tracker for your e-bike motor here, and the appropriate connection cable and a set of simple, self-explanatory installation instructions will be delivered along with your GPS tracker.

    How do I connect the BikeTrax GPS tracker to my mobile phone?

    In order to connect the BikeTrax GPS tracker to your smartphone, you download the PowUnity BikeTrax app from the App Store or Google Play. You can register your BikeTrax in the app, with an email/password combination and your individual BikeTrax ID (included in the BikeTrax package). All about the PowUnity app.

    eBike GPS Tracking
    can be that easy!

    You want to secure your bike live & reliably against theft? The PowUnity GPS tracker BikeTrax is smarter than thieves.

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