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BikeTrax: Motorcycle Theft Protection

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„Because I already knew PowUnity's BikeTrax from my e-bike, it was an obvious choice for me to use it on my motorcycle as well, because it’s simply the best.“Jürgen Hofer, Innsbruck

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Motorcycle GPS Tracker:
Best Motorcycle Theft Protection for your Bike

The GPS Tracker Motorcycle is designed for installation in your motorcycle. It covers all two-wheelers for which the coupling of the GPS Tracker Motorcycle can be guaranteed with a power supply, such as Enduros, mopeds, Vespas or scooters. The connection of a GPS Tracker motorcycle meets all the basic demands and security requirements to ensure secure, faultless operation of the motorcycle tracker.The GPS Tracker Motorcycle protects your bike even before it is stolen. The Motorcycle GPS Tracker built-in inside the bike sends a motion alarm to the Motorcycle Tracking App on your smartphone every time the bike is moved without permission.However, should a smart thief succeed anyway, the Motorcycle GPS Tracker is even smarter: Via real-time tracking, the GPS Tracker sends the exact location to your smartphone, so that the motorbike can be found again in no time at all.

Included in the Motorcycle Theft Protection Set

Motorcycle GPS Tracker Theft Protection:That’s why you need BikeTrax!

Convinced?Motorcycle Theft Protectioncan be that easy!

You want to secure your bike live & reliably against theft? The PowUnity motorcycle GPS tracker BikeTrax is smarter than thieves.

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PowUnity App: Connects you to the Motorcycle’s GPS Tracker

Free PowUnity App and GPS data package:

No costs in the first year.

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With BikeTrax, we use our positive product experience to counteract theft as a negative thing. The GPS tracker records and protects without you having to do much. It's easy for everyone. In my opinion, the PowUnity app becomes perfect when I can't remove anything anymore, and the user still has everything."

Maximilian Loy, Co-founder,
Hardware and Software Development

Our Customers know:PowUnity knows all about Theft Protection.

Produktbewertung zum Biketrax GPS-Tracker für Motorräder

Finally a product that keeps what it promises!

Anti-theft protection, easy to use and on top of that an automatic tour recording. Great device, cool company – keep up the good work PowUnity team!

Stefan Blassnick, Innsbruck

Kundenbewertung zum Biketrax GPS-Tracker für Motorräder

The quality has its justified price

The PowUnity GPS tracker has now accompanied me on several motorcycle tours and it works very reliably. Especially abroad Iit is always fine to know that I can see on the phone exactly where the bike is located. The installation and the connection to the server was easy. The fully automatic recording of tours with the map and all essential data is really well done. Thanks to a software update, the tracker also does not draw much power when not in use for a long time. Thanks to PowUnity for constantly making improvements and additions to the app.

Alexander Dornauer, Ampass

Kundenmeinung zum Biketrx GPS-Tracker für Motorräder

Damn it, there is just no better tracker

After I already use BikeTrax for my e-bike, it was obvious to me to use it on my motorcycle as well, because there is just no better tracker. In addition to the classic theft protection the route function is really well done! So you can not only read current information but can „revive“ also past tours.

Jürgen Hofer, Innsbruck

Your service gives me tremendous trust and has made me a customer for a lifetime!

Thank you for probably the best service I have experienced in years! Personal flair, insane response times, speed, familiar names. These aspects give a tremendously big trust which made me a customer for a lifetime – I will always be recommending your products.

Your level of service is a dying trade. Cash in on that!

Ed, Belgium

Carefree E-Bike Tracking:On the safe Side with PowUnity’s GPS Tracker

BikeTrax FAQs:This is Motorcycle Tracking via GPS

The GPS Tracker for motorcycles can be fitted to all two-wheelers, such as enduros, Vespas or scooters. The connection to the power network takes place via pre-mounted cable shoes.

The GPS Tracker works with an M2M SIM card from the Swedish telecommunications company TELE2. The GPS tracker is optimised for TELE2 and their SIM card, to ensure ideal reception. What’s more, a rubber coating ensures that it is 100% waterproof and dust-proof. This makes it impossible to replace the SIM card later.

Every BikeTrax motorcycle theft protection comes with simple, self-explanatory installation instructions that enable you to install the motorcycle GPS transmitter on your bike yourself. If you need a little help, our video instructions for installation on motorcycles will help you. To the video

The additional motorcycle tracker battery ensures that the GPS tracker transmits or receives, even if the power supply is interrupted or the motorcycle is switched off. The additional battery provides 14 hours of continuous GPS tracking and 3 weeks in standby mode. As soon as the power supply to the motorcycle is switched on again, the additional battery will be recharged.

In order to connect the BikeTrax GPS tracker to your smartphone, download the PowUnity BikeTrax app from the App Store or Google Play. You can register your BikeTrax in the app, with an email/password combination and the BikeTrax ID (included in the BikeTrax package). All about the PowUnity app.

Convinced?Motorcycle Theft Protectioncan be that easy!

You want to secure your bike live & reliably against theft? The PowUnity motorcycle GPS tracker BikeTrax is smarter than thieves.

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