Press Release: PowUnity GmbH Wins the Design & Innovation Award 2020

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PowUnity GmbH wins the Design & Innovation Award 2020 with their GPS tracker

Innsbruck/Berlin, 16 January 2020

The Design & Innovation Award is presented for the fourth time already this year. This is the leading award in the world of cycling, and it is also perceived as a seal of quality for outstanding bicycle products. In the category “Equipment & Accessories (Off-road)”, PowUnity GmbH managed to win over the demanding jury with BikeTrax, their GPS tracker for e-bikes.

Over a period of two weeks, the 30-strong international award team, which is made up of renowned editors, test cyclists and engineers, tested and discussed each product extensively and intensively. The award aims to provide orientation at a time when the world of trends and would-be trends is becoming increasingly complex and fast-moving.

“We are very pleased to have won the award,” says Stefan Sinnegger, founder and CEO of PowUnity GmbH. He continues: “BikeTrax is a real problem solver for all those who want to secure their bike reliably. The award is a confirmation that our GPS tracker is a product that meets the highest demands, making it a must-have for all e-bikers.”

Owners can easily retrofit BikeTrax to almost any e-bike. It serves as additional protection, along with conventional locks. With the associated app, the location of the e-bike can be tracked at any time, which is why the tracker is also suitable for recording routes. If the bike is moved without permission, the app alerts the owner and tracks the bike. The entire jury, without exception, was convinced by the simple installation, fool-proof operation and ingenious features.

About PowUnity GmbH

Because of the growing number of e-bikes, Maximilian Loy, Stefan Sinnegger and Christian Strassl came up with the idea of developing a GPS tracker for this purpose in 2016. In the event of a bike theft, bike owners can use the app to track the location of their stolen bike and initiate its recovery. The BikeTrax GPS tracker is thus an active, preventive and effective protective measure against bicycle theft. The company sells the BikeTrax system for various brands through retail outlets and via its online shop. So far, the company’s distribution has focused on the target markets of Germany, Austria and Switzerland, and it is currently being expanded to include the entire EU market.

Press Contact

Maren Fliegner
030 / 23 45 66 75

Press Release PowUnity GmbH ▷ Innsbruck/Berlin, 16.01.2020 ➥ PowUnity wins the Design & Innovation Award 2020 with their GPS-Tracker – Equipment ✚ Accessories

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