Press Release: 56 E-Bikes Stolen – BikeTrax Prevents Huge Losses

Press Release Theft of 56 E-Bikes

56 E-Bikes stolen – BikeTrax prevents losses of over EUR 100,000

More and more insurance companies are compelling bicycle dealers to equip their e-bikes with BikeTrax – PowUnity’s successes demonstrate why

Innsbruck/Berlin, 21 February 2020

E-bikes are becoming increasingly popular with bicycle thieves. Late one Monday night, thieves broke into a bicycle shop in St. Johann, Austria. They thought they had got away with 56 stolen bikes when they suddenly found themselves in handcuffs, 240 kilometres away. In a concentrated operation, the police were able to locate and stop the transporter on the motorway, together with the thieves and their loot. The bicycles were returned to the owner of the bicycle shop.

The speedy success of the chase can be attributed to the fact that the e-bikes were equipped with the GPS-tracker BikeTrax. The system is about the size of a cigarette lighter and is hidden from view inside the bike. Nothing can be seen from the outside, but if the bike is moved without permission, it triggers an alarm on the owner’s mobile phone. This way, the victim is not only informed about the theft, but can also determine the location of the bike. Since BikeTrax is dependent on a power supply, up to now the tracker only works on e-bikes.

“On average, there are one or two crimes a week that can be solved with the help of our anti-theft system,” says Stefan Sinnegger, CEO of PowUnity GmbH. He continues: “So far, this has been the biggest theft that we have been able to solve with our system, and it even beats our success in Berlin, where the theft of 20 e-bikes was foiled. Without BikeTrax, the shop or the insurance company would have suffered a loss of over EUR 100,000.”

Thousands of private customers and more than 500 dealers are already using and/or selling the anti-theft device.
About PowUnity GmbH

About PowUnity GmbH

Because of the growing number of e-bikes, Maximilian Loy, Stefan Sinnegger and Christian Strassl came up with the idea of developing a GPS tracker for this purpose in 2016. In the event of a bike theft, bike owners can use the app to track the location of their stolen bike and initiate its recovery. The BikeTrax GPS tracker is thus an active, preventive and effective protective measure against bicycle theft. The company sells the BikeTrax system for various brands through retail outlets and via its online shop. So far, the company’s distribution has focused on the target markets of Germany, Austria and Switzerland, and it is currently being expanded to include the entire EU market.

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Press Release PowUnity GmbH ▷ Innsbruck/Berlin, 21.02.2020 ➥ PowUnity BikeTrax prevents losses of over EUR 100,000 ✚ Thieves Caught ✅

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