Haibike eConnect – what is this app with theft protection good for?

It is no surprise that the well-known e-bike manufacturer Haibike has its own app. It even offers a few more things than the competition. In this article, we will take a look at how Haibike eConnect is supposed to protect e-bikes from theft, what the eConnect Hub is all about and what users have to say about the application.

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About the Haibike eConnect App in a nutshell:

  • The Haibike eConnect system consists of the eConnect Hub, a control unit that is integrated into many Haibike e-bikes including a GPS transmitter, a GSM chip and a Bluetooth transmitter. The hub charges itself via its own battery as soon as your e-bike is in operation. The second component of the system is the eConnect app.
  • eBike Connect 2.0 offers you functions such as GPS monitoring of your bike, real-time tracking, an emergency or crash function, route tracking and more.
  • You can use all the functions of the Haibike eBike Connect system with a subscription.
  • As users complain about the reliability of the route recording and real-time monitoring of the eConnect system, we recommend you the PowUnity BikeTrax system with GPS tracker and PowUnity app to better enjoy your e-bike rides and to protect the bike from theft at the same time.

“With the eConnect app, your smartphone becomes the command centre”, says Haibike. Well, that is not a game changer. As we explained in our article “How to find the best e-bike app for your needs”, smartphones and e-bike apps are gradually outperforming the bike computer.

It is worth noting that Haibike has equipped its app with GPS location tracking and an emergency call function. The networking of e-bike, smartphone and satellites should make it possible, for example, to get a stolen bike back.

You can find out how this works and what other functions Haibike eConnect comes with below. We will also get to the bottom of whether the app works as well in practice as in theory.

The manufacturer – a few words about Haibikee

The Haibike brand belongs to Winora Staiger GmbH and can look back on more than 20 years of developing sporty bikes. In addition to recreational athletes, professional athletes have always been part of the customer base. The company’s mountain bikes have won many world championship and even Olympic medals.

Haibike has also been setting standards in the e-bike segment for over 10 years, among other things with the development of the first off-road e-mountain bike. Thanks to innovations such as the e:i shock connectivity system and standard equipment with top components, Haibike e-bikes are at the forefront.

A dedicated app is a must. Haibike eConnect 2.0 has been on the market since 2008 and is actually more than just an e-bike app.

The Haibike eConnect system at a glance

The Haibike eConnect system claims to have created a digital eBike network and consists of several components:

  1. eConnect hub

    The eConnect Hub is a control unit that is integrated into many Haibike
    e-bikes. It contains a GPS transmitter, a GSM chip for data communication and a Bluetooth transmitter for near-field communication, a 3D acceleration sensor and a 3D gyro sensor. The eConnect Hub is powered by its own battery, which charges automatically when your e-bike is in use.

  2. eConnect app

    You can download the eConnect app for your smartphone free of charge for Android devices and Apple smartphones. Then all you have to do is to register.

  3. eConnect web portal

    Do you prefer a big screen? If yes, you can use the system’s web portal to view routes and data on your computer.

Sounds smart? Absolutely. Then let’s take a look at the details.

The functions of Haibike eConnect

Currently, eBike Connect 2.0 offers you the following functions:

Was dir das eConnect System von Haibike nicht bietet, ist eine Navigationsfunktion. Auch kannst du die App nicht verwenden, um individuelle Einstellungen an deinem Bike vorzunehmen.

eConnect is not a free app

For the eConnect system to work smoothly, a SIM card is required and for it to work – you guessed it – a contract. If you register your new Haibike with eConnect for the first time, you don’t have to pay anything for 24 months, or 36 months for retrofit kits. After that, a contract extension or a new contract is necessary.

How does Haibike eConnect for e-bikes perform in practice?

At first glance, Haibike eConnect looks like a promising solution for a connected
e-bike experience.

Unfortunately, the reviews from users in respective app stores are not very convincing. In Apple’s App Store, the app is currently rated with 1.9 stars, in the PlayStore it is significantly less.

The reason for this: for many users, neither the route recording nor the location determination functions reliably. In some cases, it is not even possible to establish a connection to the bike or eConnect Hub. In addition, the monitoring function cannot be deactivated in some cases. This means that you are constantly notified by your smartphone that your e-bike is moving when you ride it.

So, of course, even the most promising functions are of no use when they do not work properly.

The PowUnity App – an alternative for your Haibike

Are you looking for an e-bike app with reliable and highly effective theft protection? Then you have already found it.

With the combination of the BikeTrax GPS tracker and the PowUnity app, you can prevent your e-bike from falling into the wrong hands.

For this purpose, the GPS tracker is invisibly mounted inside your e-bike motor and you benefit from the following functions:

  • If someone tries to tamper with your e-bike, the PowUnity app immediately notifies you on your smartphone. This gives you the chance to intervene yourself or call the police.
  • If you’re too late, your chances to get your e-bike back are still high. With our GPS tracker and the PowUnity app, you can track the real-time location of your e-bike throughout Europe and send it directly to the police via the app. The many success stories of our customers show that hardly any thieves escape.
  • In addition, the PowUnity app automatically records all your routes without you having to press a button or make any special settings. You can also export the recordings to Strava or Komoot.

From 2023, our app will have even more functions. You will then be able to use it as a display, view speed and performance data and plan maintenance directly via the app. What remains the same is that the PowUnity app and the BikeTrax GPS tracker can be used across all manufacturers. So it doesn’t matter whether your e-bike comes from Haibike or another company.

And to e-bike manufacturers who cooperate with PowUnity, we offer a white label solution for the PowUnity app.

Conclusion on the Haibike eConnect app – no efficient protection for your e-bike

Haibike eConnect 2.0 could be a well-rounded product – if the system worked as promised in the advertising. But unfortunately, it is far from that.

Due to the connection problems and errors in live tracking, the Haibike eConnect cannot be taken as a serious app for theft protection.

However, you can use the PowUnity app and the GPS tracker BikeTrax instead. This gives you highly effective theft protection, route tracking, and, from 2023, even much more – regardless of whether you ride a Haibike or another e-bike.

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