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GPS tracker for active & invisible theft protection.

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You will receive an alarm as soon as your e-bike is moved.


FAQ area with frequent questions & answers

Every day, our support employees help to answer many customer inquiries quickly and competently. We have summarized the most frequent questions & answers in our PowUnity FAQ area.

SIM card and data network

In which countries does the GPS tracker send & receive?

The GPS tracker transmits within all EU countries as well as Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway and Switzerland.

Which SIM card is in the GPS tracker?

The GPS tracker contains an M2M SIM card from the Swedish telecommunications company TELE2.

Can I replace the GPS tracker´s SIM card with my own?

The GPS tracker is optimized for TELE2 and its SIM card to ensure ideal reception. In addition, a submerged rubber coating ensures 100% water and dust tightness. A later replacement of the SIM card is therefore no longer possible.


For which operating systems is the app available?

The app is available for iOS and Android. For proper functioning, at least iOS7 must be installed on iPhones and Android 5.0 on Android devices.

I use an older operating system. What can I do?

In this case, please open the PowUnity app via the web browser on your smartphone. To do this, enter in the browser and a link on the start screen Add.

Can I also use the app with a Windows Phone?

In this case, please open the PowUnity app via your smartphone’s web browser. To do this, enter in the browser and add a link on the start screen.

Can I access the app from my laptop or PC?

Yes. You can use the app and all its functions on your laptop,PC or tablet via

In which languages is the app available?

The PowUnity app is available in german and english.

How do I set the alarm?

The alarm must be actively armed by you when using the e-bike. This is easily done via the lock symbol in the app.

Why do the screenshots explaining the app on the homepage look different from the ones in my app?

The app is constantly being developed. The screenshots used may therefore differ slightly from the latest app version.

Bosch, Brose, Yamaha & Co.

For which engine systems is the GPS tracker available?

The GPS tracker is offered for all systems and applications that you can find in the online shop. Currently available for Bosch & Brose systems and for all Yamaha systems (PW, PW-X). Yamaha systems which are installed in a GIANT e-bike are excluded.

Is the GPS tracker also available for other engine systems?

The GPS tracker is constantly being further developed for other electric drive systems. However, the future availability depends on the demand and the distribution of the drives. Send us a contact request if we should inform you about availability.

Are there assembly instructions for the GPS tracker?


What is the capacity of the additional battery of the GPS tracker?

The additional battery of the E-Bike GPS tracker has a capacity of 1.000 mAh.

How long does the GPS tracker transmit or receive when it is operated exclusively with the additional battery?

With the additional battery, a continuous GPS tracking of 14 hours and a stand-by time of 3 weeks is achieved. In practice, with the additional battery you can achieve a runtime of 14 hours to 3 weeks – depending on the ratio of movement to standstill. When the power supply for the GPS tracker is switched on again, the GPS tracker is recharged and supplied with power.

How long does it take to charge the additional battery?

As soon as the power supply is switched on, the tracker sends (no matter if the additional battery is full or empty) and needs about 1,5 hours to charge the additional GPS battery from 0 to 100%.

Why do I need an additional battery?

The additional GPS battery ensures that the GPS tracker sends or receives even if the power supply (e-bike battery) is switched off or removed.


What are the running costs for data transfer?

In the 1st year, PowUnity covers the costs for the data transfer.
From the 2nd year it is € 3.95 per month, without commitment and can be activated monthly.

How can the monthly costs be paid from the 2nd year?

Via the PowUnity smartphone app.


How can I become a specialist dealer or partner of PowUnity?

You can find all informations about a cooperation on our B2B dealer page:

Is the product “NeverLose” still available?

Since the focus is now on GPS trackers for e-bikes, NeverLose is no longer produced and sold.

Where can I buy GPS Tracker products from PowUnity?

You can buy the PowUnity GPS tracker locally at your local bike shop or online in the PowUnity online shop.

What is inside the GPS tracker package?

A rubber-soaked GPS tracker unit, the respective connection cable (Bosch or Yamaha), a cable extension for extended mounting options, an external battery (1,000 mAh) so that the GPS tracker also transmits/receives when the e-bike battery is removed or the e-bike is switched off, cable ties and a double-sided adhesive tape for a perfect hold.

Motorcycle GPS

Can the GPS tracker also be used for motorcycles?

Yes, for motorcycles PowUnity offers a connection with pre-assembled cable lugs. The motorcycle version of the GPS tracker is currently sold exclusively via the PowUnity online shop.

Is there an assembly instruction for the motorcycle GPS tracker?

Yes, you can find the assembly instructions in the respective shop product. Further information can also be found on our motorcycle GPS theme page.

Bicycle GPS

Is there a GPS tracker for normal bicycles without motor drive?

Currently, the GPS tracker is only available for Ebikes & Co. However, it is intended to develop a GPS tracker for normal bicycles as well. We will inform you on our PowUnity website if the product is available.

Where can I get support for installing the GPS tracker?

If you don’t want to install the GPS tracker yourself, a qualified bicycle workshop nearby can help you.

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