E-bike exchange apps – social networks for cycling enthusiasts

Many e-bike apps give you the opportunity to share routes, compete against others in competitions, exchange information about e-bike topics or make virtual appointments for joint tours. In this article, we will take a closer look at such community features. You will find out which variants are available and how you can use them for more riding fun and community experiences.

E-Bike Community Apps

About e-bike community apps in a nutshell:

  • Depending on the community app, you have the option of sharing competition and training activities with the bike, commenting on cycling tours, competing against other users in competitions or arranging tours.
  • In the fitness app Strava, for example, bike tours can be shared and documented with detailed texts and pictures. In the route planner and navigation app Komoot, the focus is on planning routes yourself and sharing them.
  • In the PowUnity app for GPS theft protection for e-bikes BikeTrax, e-bike routes are automatically recorded. You can then export the routes to fitness apps like Strava or Komoot or share them on social media.

Imagine you’re riding the last stage of your two-week bike tour all alone. How nice would it be if you could share the breathtaking landscapes around you with others? And have applause and support on the finish straight?

No problem with the right app on your mobile phone, even without an audience.

Because with e-bike apps, you can not only change motor settings via your smartphone, record routes or navigate. You can also use them to network with others.

Depending on the app, you have the option, for example, to share competition and training activities. You can comment on tours, compete against other users and exchange information. Virtual community experiences are not enough for you? Then arrange to go on tours together via e-bike apps.

You can get an overview of common community features of apps and their advantages here.

From pedelec forum to virtual competition – community features of e-bike apps

Community features of e-bike apps give you the opportunity to exchange ideas with other bikers. How this works differs depending on the app.

The following features are particularly common:

Alternatives to the app – pedelec forums and social networks on the internet

Of course, smartphone apps are not the only place to go for e-bike owners who like to network with others.

Popular alternatives include the following:

Advantages of online networking

Of course, a virtual competition is not the same as a ride with your best friends. Nevertheless, community features of apps open up great opportunities to enjoy your hobby together with others.

  • You can quickly and easily connect with people all over the globe.
  • You are not alone even if no one accompanies you on your next ride.
  • You receive valuable information and inspiration for your route planning.
  • Virtual competitions, trophies and leaderboards spur you on to achieve your best cycling performance and help you to fight your inner weakness.
  • For repairs, new purchases, used bikes or route planning, you can get expert advice.

Fitness apps like Strava or e-bike apps like the PowUnity app offer a lot more than just community features. Depending on the app, you can, for example, pair the app with a fitness tracker and check your heart rate or calorie consumption on the go. With the PowUnity app and the BikeTrax GPS tracker, you get highly effective theft protection for your expensive bike included. Other e-bike apps help you with maintenance.

Smart technology brings people together

Community features are now an essential part of many fitness route planning and navigation apps. It is not for nothing that these call themselves social networks for outdoor or sports enthusiasts.

In fact, forums, virtual competitions or sharing and commenting on routes open up new possibilities for interaction with others – even if you are alone on your e-bike. Whether you are looking for inspiration or want to compete with others, all you need is a smartphone and the right app. It doesn’t replace offline contact, but it complements it.

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