Brose app for e-bikes – this is what the “Made in Germany” app can do

For some time now, Brose has also been offering e-bike riders the option of connecting their smartphone to their Brose drive. With the help of the Brose app, they can adjust support levels, record routes and much more. In this article, you will find out what the app can (and cannot) do, what the app reviews are like and what alternatives there are.

An e-bike app is only really smart when it provides you with information based on various data that you would otherwise not have.

About the Brose e-bike app in a nutshell

  • The range of functions of the Brose e-bike app is limited to a few features: With the app, you can read live data, set the support level, record your rides and export them to Strava or Komoot, for example.
  • The Brose app does not have one indispensable function for e-bikes: theft protection. Together with the GPS tracker BikeTrax, the PowUnity app offers you highly efficient theft protection. You can view the location of your e-bike live throughout Europe via real-time tracking and receive an alarm on your mobile phone in the event of unauthorized movement.

In our overview article “How to find the best e-bike app for your needs”, we explained that e-bike apps can be divided into three groups according to their origin: apps from e-bike manufacturers, apps from motor manufacturers and apps from independent developers. The Brose e-bike app belongs to the second group and is still relatively young. Since the summer of 2021, the app has enabled owners of an e-bike with a Brose drive – in Austria and Germany – to connect their e-bike with their smartphone. The associated promise: “a new e-bike experience”.

But what can the Brose e-bike app really do and is it as reliable as the company’s drives? You will get answers to these and other questions below.

Brose drive technology

The German family-owned company Brose became known as an important supplier in the automotive industry. According to its own statements, every second new car worldwide is equipped with a product from the company. Since 2014, the Berlin subsidiary “Brose Antriebstechnik GmbH und Co. KG” has been producing drives for electric bikes with great success thanks to its extensive know-how.

Brose electric motors are very quiet and low-vibration thanks to internal toothed belts made of carbon. At the same time, they can be real “powerhouses”. Depending on the model, they serve everyday bike riders or ambitious e-mountain bikers.

Another interesting aspect is that, unlike the competition, Brose e-bike drives are open systems. Although Brose supplies complete e-bike systems, motors from the manufacturer can also be combined with components from other companies.

Small spoiler: This openness does not apply to the Brose app.

The Brose e-bike app at a glance

Like similar solutions from other manufacturers, the Brose app is available free of charge for iOS and Android users from the App Store and Google Play. After the download, you need to follow a few steps to enable a connection. These steps are listed on the Brose website.

As far as the range of functions is concerned, Brose has (so far) limited itself to a few features.

The functions of the app

How good is the Brose e-bike app in practice? – Reviews

Not outstanding, but better than some of the competition’s apps – that’s how the reviews of the Brose app can be summed up. Although some users complain about connection problems, these seem to be (at least partly) due to the fact that the e-bike in question is not intended for the app. The fact that it would make sense to ensure the app’s compatibility with older drives and in other countries is another matter.

Apart from that, the range of functions of the app does not satisfy every e-bike rider. In this context, the missing navigator functions are particularly noteworthy.


Would you like to use your smartphone to control your e-bike with a Brose drive, but the company’s app didn’t convince you?

Then there is a problem: As we explained in our overview article, there are (still) hardly any e-bike apps from independent developers. However, we can recommend one solution to you.

The PowUnity App – flexible solution for every e-bike system

Whether Bosch, Shimano or Brose, you can benefit from highly efficient theft protection and reliable route recording with the combination of the PowUnity app and the BikeTrax GPS tracker:

  • The GPS tracker is invisibly integrated inside your e-bike motor.
  • As soon as someone moves your e-bike without permission, the PowUnity app alerts you via your smartphone.
  • If you don’t manage to prevent theft and your e-bike gets stolen, you can track its location in real time and report it directly to the police via the app. This gives you an excellent chance of getting your bike back.
  • The PowUnity app automatically records all your routes, which can be managed in your route diary. You can also export them to your Komoot or Strava account or share them on social media channels.

Soon, the PowUnity app will be able to do even more. In 2023, it will be upgraded so that you can use it as an on-board computer, for example. This is where all the functions come together – from e-bike control and riding statistics to an automated service and maintenance plan and much more. The integration of external services such as tyre pressure measurement offers e-bikers an app that makes many others obsolete.

And to e-bike manufacturers who cooperate with PowUnity, we offer a white label solution of the PowUnity app.

Conclusion on the Brose e-bike app – solid average

The extent to which the Brose app really enables “a new e-bike experience” (as advertised) is questionable. After all, its range of functions is limited and not everything always works as it should in practice. The performance of the app does not match the superior performance of a Brose e-bike system.

However, the reviews are mixed. Many riders who are not affected by connection problems are satisfied. There are no costs for the app either.

If you are looking for an app that always records your routes and thwarts e-bike thieves, take a look at the PowUnity app. You will benefit not only from its reliability, but also from the fact that it doesn’t really matter whether your drive comes from Brose or another manufacturer.

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