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Invisible theft protection for your boat or outboard motor!

Motor theft, especially the theft of outboard engines, has become a big problem. The outboard engine is often the most expensive part of the boat. The thieves usually sneak in with the boat at night. With two or three handles and a good pair of pliers, the engine can be separated from the boat within three minutes and quickly removed.

PowUnity also offers a GPS system that is invisibly installed in the engine compartment of your outboard. The practice shows that many boat rentals, boathouse operators and boat owners already use the GPS Universal Tracker. The tracking of all boats or motors works thanks to the multi-desktop application and you have your whole fleet in view at all times.

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BikeTrax tells you where your e-bike is standing or moving at any time and anywhere via a mobile phone app. Accurate to five meters and in real time. Pretty smart, your GPS tracker and anti-theft protection at the touch of a finger.

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In addition to GPS tracking, the PowUnity App offers you further features such as path and route recording. Multiple share functions make the use of the GPS app very user friendly.

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PowUnity GPS tracker for boats

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