Bicycle sales contract: template, infos & tips

If you buy a used bicycle or e-bike, we strongly recommend that you have a written bicycle bill of sale. This sale form is the only way to be on the safe side if your bike is stolen or you are accused of being a thief and have to prove that a bike belongs to you. Here you can read what makes a written bicycle bill of sale for a used bike so valuable and what should be included. We also provide you with a watertight bicycle bill template in PDF format.

Kaufvertrag Fahrrad: Infos, Tipps & Vorlage

About the purchase contract for your bike and e-bike

  • These contents belong in the contract: personal details of the buyer and seller (incl. ID or passport number), details of the bicycle (e.g. make, model, frame colour and frame number), details of defects, price and signatures.
  • A bicycle bill of sale is important so that you are entitled to a warranty in the event of defects; with a contract you prove that you are not the thief if the bike is stolen. If the bike is stolen, you can prove to the police that it belongs to you.
  • Speaking of theft, with the BikeTrax GPS tracker and PowUnity app, you have a trail back to your bike, as you can see the live location of your bike across Europe. If it is moved without permission, you will receive an alarm on your mobile phone.
  • You can create your bill of sale analogue or save it digitally in the PowUnity app.

Used bicycles and especially e-bikes often still have a high value. This makes it all the more important to sign a written contract of sale. This way you can prove that the bike belongs to you and that you did not steal it. In addition, a contract will help you if you discover defects after the purchase or if you are the seller and the buyer complains about defects.

But first things first.

Verbal vs. written: Different types of sales contracts

No private seller of a second-hand bicycle or e-bike has to draw up a written contract of sale. A contract is always concluded when a bicycle is purchased. If there is no written document, it is a verbal contract. This is just as valid as the written version, but it has one serious disadvantage: it is much more difficult to prove. It is also more difficult to prove the rights and obligations of the persons involved.

This brings us to the advantages of a written bill of sale.

Why a written bicycle bill of sale is better for a used bicycle

If you’re lucky, you’ll never have to think about it again after you’ve bought your bike. But in the following situations, a written sale form bicycle bill is a great help:

  • In case of defects: If a used bicycle has defects that the seller has not pointed out to you, you may be entitled to a warranty. A private seller can exclude the warranty: What many people don’t know is that they are still liable for defects that they have deliberately concealed or knowingly made false statements about. A written contract of sale will help you enforce your rights.
  • If the bike was stolen: Many people have accidentally bought a stolen bike or e-bike. By presenting a contract, you can prove that you are not the thief. Unfortunately, you have to return the bike in any case.
  • If your bike is stolen: If your bike or e-bike is stolen, you have to prove to the police that it is your bike. Without a purchase contract, this is anything but easy.

Speaking of theft – you’d better be prepared!

Today in 2023, the average selling price of an e-bike is about 3,200 euros. No wonder that not only casual thieves but highly professional gangs formed long ago to make quick and easy cash out of their e-bike loot.

Most of the time, new or used stolen e-bikes end up on the black market, either disassembled into individual parts or whole, abroad or in dodgy corners of your city. A bicycle lock alone will not prevent professional criminals from stealing your bike, no matter how secure it is. Unfortunately, any mechanical lock can be broken within a few minutes with an angle grinder.

Tip: Read our 7 expert tips on how to properly protect your e-bike from theft and how to make sure you get it back in case of an emergency.

The GPS anti-theft device BikeTrax from PowUnity, on the other hand, is a tracker the size of a cigarette lighter and is invisibly integrated into the motor of your bike. It is connected to an app and alerts you immediately on your mobile phone in the event of unauthorised movement. If you arrive too late to prevent the crime, you can track the location of the stolen e-bike in more than 176 countries in real time and pass it on to the police. So the chances of getting your e-bike back are excellent.

With the free PowUnity app for the GPS tracker, you can stay connected to your bike around the clock and benefit from many valuable functions such as a theft report or the BikePass with all the important information about your e-bike, including a photo of the bicycle bill of sale form.

Tip: Do you actually know what to do if your bike is stolen? We have summarised the three most important immediate measures in this article.

As you can see, there are many good reasons to insist on a written sale form if you want to buy a used bicycle. If the discounted price of the bike is loo low at a flea market or on online marketplaces, you should become sceptical.

This happened to a PowUnity customer in Copenhagen. One day, his e-bike worth seven thousand euros was stolen. However, he had equipped the e-bike with the BikeTrax GPS tracker and was able to see the live location immediately. The stolen e-bike was practically driving towards him in Copenhagen when he wanted to secure it with the police – and who was driving this e-bike?

A young, innocent girl who had bought the e-bike for a measly 500 euros at the flea market an hour earlier. She had to get off, of course, because the owner was able to prove his bill of sale for the bike on his mobile phone display in the digital BikePass of the PowUnity app.

Both the seller and you as a potential buyer benefit from such a sale form. For example, the seller can prove that the interested buyer was aware of certain serious defects at the time of purchase – provided they have drawn up the bicycle bill correctly.

Free bicycle bill PDF for download

Are you a potential buyer or seller and have never drawn up a bicycle bill of sale for a used bike? No problem. We can easily send it to your email. You will not only receive a watertight contract of sale for your bicycle & e-bike. It also contains tips and information for both sides that you should bear in mind when signing the contract.

These contents belong in the contract

A sale form for a bicycle does not have to be a page-long read. But it should contain the following contents in addition to the date, the seller’s and the buyer’s signature, in case questions arise later:

Then all that is missing is the price and signatures – and the document is ready.

Free bicycle bill PDF for download

You want to be on the safe side as a seller (or buyer)? Then we will send you a PDF sample contract for a used bicycle or e-bike by e-mail. This way you have a template with all the important contents ready as a watertight document when you have to prove the purchase.

Have the bicycle bill of sale digitally at hand – in the PowUnity app

Having a written sale form and finding it when you need it are two different things. With the BikePass in the PowUnity app, you always have the proof of legal purchase for your bike with you. This means you don’t have to rummage through drawers or search through folders when you need it, just pull out your mobile phone.

Note: You can fill out your bike ID digitally in the PowUnity app or create it analogue – no matter how you do it, you should definitely create it before the bike is stolen. In this article you will find information on what must be included in the bike pass and how to create it digitally in the PowUnity app.

In the PowUnity app, for example, you can enter all the important data about your bike in addition to the purchase contract and even add pictures of the bike. In the event of theft, the PowUnity app and the BikeTrax GPS tracker give you a trace back to your bike, you can send the current location and information about the bike to the police in the vicinity with one click and nothing stands in the way of the manhunt.

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