The best moments would be worth little if they couldn’t be shared with someone else. This is known amongst members of PowUnity – the powerful community. A great way to share moments, besides actual experiences, are pictures. Without a good photographer, the best moments would not look as exciting as they actually are.

Let us introduce Dom Channon. Dom accompanied us with his camera during our past few months shredding the winter away in New Zealand. We’ve been incredibly happy to share our adventures with this talented New Zealand-born photographer. In addition to a good eye for details, he’s got a great personality to match.

That’s why we’re dedicating this whole blog article to him. Besides all his other talents, he is an exceptional athlete. Dom, we wish you all the best for your upcoming 60k ultra-marathon and we’re looking forward to more adventures with you.

Picture below, taken by Dom Channon:

Skiing and Snowboarding is a team sport. You take care of each other. You shred the mountain with your friends, dropping in alongside each other only if the situation really allows it. You shout out loud and share the adrenaline rush across vast expanses of pristine beauty. It’s that white, untouched blanket that fascinates you so much. For a short time you feel like you’re in heaven and you forget everything else. It is just you, your friends and absolute happiness and fulfillment.