Easy to Connect

  • Launch the App

  • Select Device

    NeverLose App asks you to connect at least one NeverLose device.

  • Pair NeverLose Bluetooth Device

    Pair your NeverLose Device with your smartphone.

  • Add the second device

    After successfully connecting the first device you can either connect another NeverLose or you are ready to go!

  • Ready to shred!

    Enjoy your skiing day!

Guard Mode

  • Connect your NeverLose device(s) to your smartphone.

  • Choose the Guard Mode

    by clicking on the small lock on the right-bottom side of the app.

  • Enable the “Knocking feature”

    by pressing on the lock and choose your code.

  • Activate the Guard Mode

    by clicking on the middle button (logo).

  • Receive notification

    on your smartphone if your skis have been stolen and your smartphone is within the Bluetooth range (up to 30m).

Ski finding

  • Connect your NeverLose devices to your smartphone.

  • Activate the Ski Finder Mode

    by clicking on the middle button (logo).

  • Manually trigger the NeverLose device

    by pressing on the left/right blue signal button. If you lose the connection, the alarm will start automatically.

  • Located

    As soon as you locate the position of the lost ski, shake the ski or manually press the same signal button to deactivate the alarm mode.

  • NeverLose your powder day again!

    Enjoy your skiing day!